Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Every year from 2009 we have done something to charity. I honestly don't remember who thought of this one but it's something we have all enjoyed taking part in. Plus the generosity of the group members has been amazing.

For our first charity we knitted up items for premature babies. They went to the local maternity hospital. I still remember how much everyone enjoyed knitting them. At one point we even had links here to some free preemie patterns.


In 2010 I had a list of suggestions and everyone voted for the charity they wanted to knit for. The Knit A Square charity one and I must have posted four huge bags out. The squares would later become blankets for children in orphanages. Everyone had fun with colour combinations and there were some gorgeous squares in there. Our top square donator was June who contributed over 100 squares. She became quite addicted to them.

Our Linda has taken part in the Shoebox Appeal for a few years now. It involves filling shoe boxes with goodies that get handed our to those in need at Christmas. We decided that in 2011 we would help her with it. A few people like Helen filled up a box themselves. Whilst others like Izzi made and donated items. The great thing about this one was that it wasn't restricted to knitters.

Last year we really didn't have just one charity. We first of all helped out Roberta's church and knitted up some jumpers that went out to kids in Africa. There was a set pattern and the only stipulation was that we couldn't use white. Actually not a problem for our group since our motto is 'the more colourful the better'. We then made those little hats for The Big Knit which is a campaign ran by Innocent for Age UK. We even had a little competition for most creative and largest contribution. Caroline and Margaret won that won.

Sadly we have yet to have a charity this year. So if anyone has any ideas we would be more than open to them. It would be preferred that it was something local this time though. We have donated a little to Izzi's charity, Dress the Girl, but that's not the same as actually creating something for a cause.

Just one more post to go and then I will be updating about last night. For now all I will say was that a brilliant time was had by all.

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