Thursday, 25 April 2013

7 Deadly Obsessions!

We interrupt this programme for a wee announcement. Lyn asked me to pass this on. On Sunday Stephanie Weightman will be along to Hobbycraft at the fort. Our Lyn is having a small meltdown over it (or geeking out). Stephanie is a celebrity crafter. She is famous for her craft TV shows and her cardmaking. If you want to learn more about her you can see her website here. I had another announcement to make but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

This is our last nostalgia post and this time I get to showcase some of our finished projects. There have been a few things that one member of our group has brought in and it's then ran it's course through the group. Not talking infections here but obsessions. Here are just a few examples of projects that everyone has wanted to try.

For our first obsession I give you - The Scarf.

Let's all blame Helen for this one as Helen is a self confessed scarf addict. Not so much in collecting them but in trying out unusual scarf patters. This has been the case since the group first started and many of us tried some of the patterns that Helen knitted up. Isabel and Margaret were her main followers. Isabel became famous for knitting them and losing them but she still likes a scarf pattern too. Over the years others have added a new touch to the scarf in bringing in some fancy yarns which has then revived the scarf obsession. Caroline in particular loved these yarns.

For our second obsession I give you - The Sock.

I know exactly who to blame for this one. Ginnie the sock lady. I hadn't seen sock knitting before Ginnie came to the group and few of us thought of trying it. Then Ginnie appeared and all she did was knit socks (although she had knitted many other things in the past). It was easy as she travelled so much for work. This of course led to a rather large number of us trying it. Even though Ginnie can't make it along her legacy remains and is still spreading.

For our third obsession I give you - The Granny Square.

Donna is getting the blame for this one. She taught us all how to do this one year and we haven't looked back since. Every so often some one new picks up the crochet hook and has ago. I think this is an obsession that will remain with the group simply because it is so addictive and versatile.

For our fourth obsession I give you - Quilting

Val and Janette were the first quilters to join our group and we were all fascinated by it as they brought their pieces along. Then Carol gave us a demonstration on Japanese folded patchwork and it showed many that they could maybe do this craft after all. Quite a few haven't looked back since. Although Val and Janette can no longer make it to the group our Izzi is a veteran quilter and has been happy to give advice to those knew to it.

For our fifth obsession I give you - The Easter Chick.

I can blame Caroline for this one. She always has these fun projects. The Queen of gift crafting. Everyone loved these Easter Chicks and it wasn't long until a large number of us were making them. Isabel continued with them this year and raised money for the Beatson.

For our sixth obsession I thought I would got to our juniors - Decoupage.

Our juniors are probably the most versatile members of the group. They have absolutely no fear or anxiety about trying new crafts. Instead they just throw themselves in there. It's something to admire. Freya loves her decoupage and has brought along many of her beautifully decorated animals and boxes. She even taught Zuzanna how to do it.

For our seventh obsession I give you one of our most recent - The Dishcloth Baby Blanket

I call it a dishcloth baby blanket because the pattern was originally for a dishcloth. I saw the pattern knitted up as a baby blanket a few years ago and fell in love with it. When Magdalena was having her second baby shower I decided to try it and make one for her. A few years down the line and I brought the pattern out for Sheena and added an extra colour in there. It has only now begun to do the rounds. Margaret is on to her third of these blankets. Roberta has done one in 4 ply using beautifully delicate shades. Isabel is working on one and a few people have asked for the pattern. The interesting thing about it is that colour alone can completely change it. I should say that this is not my pattern and the original dish cloth pattern can be found in the Mason- Dixie knitting book.

These seven haven't been our only obsessions over the years and I am sure they won't be the last. I can't wait to see what projects the group will latch onto in the future.

As I said, this was the last of the nostalgia posts and I hope you enjoyed them. To some it will be memories and others it will be an insight into how our group developed over the years.

The next post up will be about Tuesday night so look out for that.

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