Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Another Day of Sewing Goodness!

The only knitting finish last week was this cute owl knitted by Margaret. Of course I am biased because it's for me. The kit came free with Let's Knit and Margaret knitted it up in just a day. According to the kit his name is Sidney but I don't think that's a very owl-like name. Any ideas?

Our Helen has been continuing her quilting lessons with Val. Helen, Stephanie and now Janice go along on a Tuesday afternoon to receive their quilting lesson. This gorgeous back is the latest creation by Helen. Unfortunately you can't see the beautiful stitching around the hearts or along the straps of the bag. But it is there and just sets the bag off. I love the colours too.

Our Izzi continues to make these fabulous dresses for Dress The Girl. Every time she brings along her latest we all fall in love with them. I think these ones are my favourite. I made sure the back was also photographed so you can see the cute buttons.

These dresses are equally pretty. I love the ties added to the back. They really give the dress a gorgeous finish.

This one I love because it used to be my pillow case. It's amazing how different they look.

Another pretty dress. I love this one because of the fold over at the front of the bodice. Makes it that little bit different.

Other than that the sewing lessons continued. I am thinking it won't be much longer before we see a few finishes. We are still preparing for our 5th birthday next week. Looking forward to that. I also have a photo from another project done by one of Elaine's friends that I have still to scan in and show you.

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