Friday, 19 April 2013

In The Beginning

I think this photo was taken not long before we moved but this is where we were in the beginning. This was Starbucks when it was in the old Borders store (now New Look). We started off very small. There was just myself, Laura, Helen and Isabel. A few weeks in Janette came along. When she hurt her ankle and couldn't drive she brought Val along. Again, not long after Magdalena and Gillian joined. From there on our group grew and we were quite big by the time we hit our first anniversary.

You can see us celebrating here. I made them do all sorts of daft games.

Anyone who is aware of our group will know we technically aren't just a knitting group. There are a lot more crafts going on. Whilst the majority knitted in the beginning there were a few who did other crafts. From the start Laura brought her cross stitch along. Val gave up all her knitting as she didn't really enjoy it and brought her stitching along. It's kind of grown from then and we accept all crafts. Mainly because we are a nosey bunch and like to see something new.

From the beginning we also liked to try and see new things. Laura was the first of us to try tunisian crochet.

There was also a failed business venture. Someone who saw our group asked us if we would make him golf club covers with large pom poms. Janette quickly volunteered and roped Laura into being pom pom maker. Sadly nothing ever came of it but it did give us a laugh.

Events also aren't new to us. We had our first baby shower within our first year. Magdalena was the first whilst she was expecting Adam.

Hope you have enjoyed some of our old photo's Over the next few days I plan to post some more so look out for that.

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