Sunday, 27 October 2013

In a Spin!

So we all know that Norma has been crafting up a storm at the crafting house. It seems she's not the only one. Her hubby made this beautiful wooden sign. He carved it out himself before decorating it. He is working on another in black and white so that it looks more like a negative. Looks amazing!

 Norma meanwhile has been busy too. She has been getting ready for a craft fair that she is doing soon. Somehow she still managed to find the time to make one of her lovely bags. Love the furry yarn.

Margaret has once again been asked to knit for a friend who's about to be a granny to a little boy. This is just the latest of knits Margaret has finished. Love the cables and the buttons match perfectly.

Fiona has moved on to a new craft. She has been making felt decorations. How sweet is this red heart? I love the little flower buttons and those perfect tiny stitches.

Now that Isabel has had her sock returned to her she has finished it's partner. These are her Christmas socks. The red and white really do go lovely together.

 I believe though that I have created a monster! After winning a voucher in the raffle she went straight to hobbycraft looking for sock patterns. She came out with three sock pattern books and some sock wool. These socks are knitting up lovely and are for her grandson.

Caroline is always great for holiday ideas. Every holiday you can usually find her creating something. For Halloween it's little pumpkins. These little pumpkins are amazing. A little tea light sits inside it to give any room a Halloween atmosphere. Caroline kindly sent me a photo of what they look like in the dark. Love them!

It can be safely said that Fran is now hooked on crochet. Her cross stitch has been set aside. This platted infinity scarf is her latest creation. I love the effect and I love the fact that it can be adapted with different colours.

Lisa also brought along some of her makes. I had offered to knit her socks and she brought along this beautiful rainbow yarn for them. As I thank you I also got to pick one of her famous crochet hooks. Excited is too tame a word to describe how I was feeling after that. I can't wait to see how the yarn knits up.

Spinning yarn is a new hobby picked up by a few members of the group. I can see it taking off with others. Lisa has had a class and now Anthea. Anthea went to the Glasgow yarn school and took a class there. She was working on it on Tuesday night. It was interesting to watch.

We have had quite a few new members again. In fact, I thought we were going to run out of seats. You can see Magdalena here helping out two of our newer members.

A couple of things to look out for on Tuesday. First of all Tracy is back to do nails. She has one person signed up but I am sure has room for more. I don't have her price list on me but just ask her and she will be happy to tell you.

Secondly, I am putting out a sign up sheet for Christmas craft day classes. The reason for that is that two of them require the lovely volunteers to bring enough supplies for those joining in.  I also won't be there on the day so it makes it easier for everyone if they know what's happening.

One last wee thing. Some of you may know that we have a facebook page. Well, I have changed it to a group. The page is still there but no one has been getting the updates. To be honest the group setting is better as it allows everyone to join in instead of it just being a page where I post updates. So feel free to request to join it if I have missed you out.

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