Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stunning Work!

I can only apologise for how late this post is. I haven't been very well and while it's only been a cold it took the energy right out of me. It's a shame because I really wanted to make sure that this beautiful dress got the attention it deserved. Some of you will recognise the handy work as well as the beautiful model. This gorgeous dress was of course stitched by Magdalena. She once again challenged herself to make Zuzanna new dress for this years Irish dancing competitions. Magdalena said the sequences were a nightmare to work with as they caused the thread to constantly break. She persevered though and this stunning dress is the end result.

Magdalena also mentioned that the designs of the dresses have changed over the years since she has been making them and so she has had to keep up with that. For example the bodice now needs to be longer and the number of panels round the skirt have changed. Not only that Magda has to take the dress to the dance teachers so that it can be approved. If it doesn't follow the strict guidelines it can result in disqualification during the competitions. Thankfully it was approved and Zuzanna did the dress proud and won some medals. She is now qualified to start competing in championships which she is very excited about.

A wee look at the back as the detail there is just as stunning. Zuzanna also gave us a demonstration of her dancing which was very impressive. Never seen anyone kick so high.

Norma has been busy in her crafting workshop (I kid you not, she has a gorgeous little craft house to work in). You will have noticed that she has been working on a lot of baby items of late. That's because she has been asked to hold a stall at a craft fair in Ayre. Everything she is making is for that. Including this lovely pom pom baby blanket which is set off by the large pink bow. The hat used up some of the left over yarn and it was beautifully decorated with buttons (I do like buttons). The doll blanket and pillow set she actually finished on the night. Some little girl is going to love it.

Lesley has also been busy. She knitted these beautiful baby sets. Love the colours. They are perfect for the autumn which is here already. I like the lighter band of brown at the edge of the hat. On the night she was working on more baby items. I think it might have been another baby set but in the cream.

Pamela has been working on these lovely little decoration bootees. They seem to be a member favourite just now. I love the variegated yarn and how the lace ribbon matches. Very cute! She was seen working on more of these sets.

This beautiful baby blanket was crocheted by Maureen. It truly is stunning. I love the fold down detail at the top with the ribbon. Maureen was also working on more baby things. She also kindly handed in a wee extra for the monthly lucky dip raffle. Thank you Maureen!

Margaret is still preparing for Christmas. She knitted these two robins. One of them was a kit which came free with Let's Knit. The travelling yarn created a kind of feathered affect to his red breast. Although it looks quite effective Margaret wasn't happy with it and so adapted the pattern to prevent it. The result is the second little robin which she finished on the night. She is also continuing with her Christmas cards and finished this gorgeous snowman.

I don't know if any of you are aware but the last Saturday of each month some of the group spend the afternoon in Hobbycraft. A few members have joined the group that way. The other side is that the people who go usually end up trying another craft. One afternoon Lyn gave a demo on decopatch. Elaine really took to it and bought some supplies. These gorgeous leopard print elephants are the end result. Don't worry if you want to know how to do it. I have sweet talked Lyn into giving the group a demo at one of our craft days.

I also had a finish. This kit came with Cross Stitcher magazine. I do like Christmas designs but I very rarely finish them on time and they usually end up in a folder half finished. This one was easy to stitch and was finished very quickly.

Jean wasn't along on Tuesday but she did send someone in with a finish. This is her pattern that she adapted from the brick baby blanket. She decided not to turn it into a blanket and it is now this pretty tissue cover. She very kindly presented to Lyn as a gift.

Last but not least, Maureen had another finish. She very kindly crocheted this beautiful scarf for our charity. It is very delicate looking and the pom poms really give it that gorgeous wintery feel. Linda was delighted with it.

So I wasn't there on Tuesday but Helen was and she is going to update the blog. Lisa was also at an event at the weekend which she is kindly going to send me an email about with some photo's. So look out for that. Magdalena has an idea for a post. I have added her as an author. It's an interesting idea and something we have never done before. Will be interesting to see.

Next week is the last week for the scarf charity. We will be holding the prize raffle. So if you have any scarves to hand in please be sure to bring them along so you don't miss out!

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