Friday, 25 April 2014


A stranger marched into the room and demanded to know if this Balaclava was the correct size for our group charity, Hats for Seafarers. That stranger revealed herself to be Isabel. The answer to her question was.........Yes! "Well, I'm never doing another one. It was really boring to knit!" I thought Isabel modelled it beautifully and I'm sure someone will be delighted with it as they sail around the icebergs.

Anthea was really thrilled with crochet hooks and stitch markers that Lisa had made for her. Anthea had requested Harry Potter and Dr Who themed goods. If you look carefully, you will be impressed with Lisa's inventiveness. I love Harry Potter's owl!

Lisa had completed a cute hat for her new arrival. The ears are really cute. My apologies to Lisa. I had rotated the picture on the iPad and was feeling rather smug with myself, but the PC fought back and refused to play ball.

I completed another pair of socks for myself. This time I used some of Lisa's hand dyed-yarn, which I adore.

June completed this amazing Granny Square blanket as a gift for a baby called Pippa. As you can see, June, has added extra interest to the blanket by making  each square different.

Sally has been busy creating two intricate cotton scarves for herself. The first is knitted lace and the second is crocheted. I was amazed at the weight in each garment and I am sure Sally will get great use out of them during our balmy summer evenings.

Morag has something to display each week. What a busy crafter! This week she has completed this lovely green baby hat with tassels.

Anthea has been experimenting with dyeing her hand spun yarns. This colourway is called Fruit Salad and is self striping. It is a Merino/ silk blend and is sock weight. Come on Anthea, we can't wait to see what you create with this delicious yarn!

Please remember that the Challenge has been postponed until June 24th to allow more time for people to complete their work. I look forward to June to see those stunning entries!

A big thank you to Anthea who found my scarf. You made my day!

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