Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Monkey Business!

This charming monkey made us all laugh! This masterpiece is by Morag and I think you will agree that he would make anyone smile. The red hat is also by Morag and has been crocheted. The photograph just does not do it justice. Great workmanship!

 Margaret was as proud as punch with her version of Shaun the Sheep. Margaret is one of our crafters who is able to turn her hand to most things. This Easter card is for Karen, but it is a secret at the moment, so mum's the word!

Margaret has also completed four hats for the Seafarers charity. At the moment we have about 40 hats. This charity runs until 24th June. Plenty of time to do a few more.

I completed these lace socks just at the weekend. I thought I would attempt something different from the usual plain sock that I do and feel quite pleased with myself with the finished article.

Fraya is one of our junior members and is always happy to attempt a new technique. This week she had completed this handsome felt mouse.

Fraya saw this emblem on someone's jacket. The girl who had the jacket was knicknamed ACE for obvious reasons. Fraya thought this was cool and made her version of ACE using fabric paints on a plain t-shirt. Great idea! 

Norma crocheted three little premie hats for Lisa's charity.

As you know, Esther is shy about showing off her skills, but look at these baby bootees! Such a beautiful gift to give. Well done!

Fiona created these little hats in treble crochet for Lisa's charity. Fiona was so chuffed with herself because she mastered the magic loop! Go girl!

Elaine has been busy for another of our charities. This cosy hat and scarf combo is destined for the Shoe Box Appeal.

NAME THOSE LEGS! Only joking....... Isabel has returned from yet another holiday in sunny California and was dying to show off her legs, I mean Jacquard pattern socks. I think they look fab (the socks and the legs) but Isabel is disappointed with the recommended yarn for the socks. The pink/ orange yarn did not give the effect she had anticipated. I think they look great! Look at the complicated pattern!

How cute are these? Lyn knitted these wonderful Easter chicks and Easter bunnies for a charity sponsored by Hobbycraft. The best news is that these little charmers conceal a creme egg!

Fran brought along a load of finishes this week. I think she has been saving them up for several months! First of all, we have a collection of premie hats in a variety of colours and sizes for Lisa's charity.

Next, Fran has had fun crocheting blankets and matching hats using shells or working from corner to corner. These are also for Lisa's charity and they are stunning!

The variety of finishes this week has been amazing. Allison knitted this baby blanket with hood in Flutterby. The completed item is so soft to the touch and ideal for a baby. Just look at those ears! Not Allison's....but on the blanket hood.

This week, Rhona was delighted to show her collection of finishes. Above you can see a cosy baby blanket knitted in a variegated yarn and finished with a crochet trim.

Next, we can see a little baby ballerina cardigan that is just waiting for its buttons.

The top above and the cotton cardigan below are for Rhona. She plans to add a zip to to complete the top. I think Rhona is getting organised for summer.

Just a few reminders: -
- The Challenge is 29th of April and the theme is "What Glasgow Means To Me."
- We have two baby showers coming up. Check your e-mails for details.

HELP! If anyone found a grey, square, silk scarf on Tuesday night, Its mine! I've lost it!

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