Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hats for the Rpyal Maternity Hospital

Earlier today I noticed an appeal by Anthea on behalf of the Royal Maternity Hospital for normal sized baby hats. The hospital had an ample supple for premature babies but had run out of the regular first size of hats. As luck would have it, I just happened to know that a knitter of 87 years young had a stash of baby hats looking for a charitable home. Gran Sheila had always been a knitter and liked to keep busy and had amassed  a collection of 90 hats over the last few months. She was delighted to donated her work to such a good cause. Well done, Gran Sheila! And a big Thank You to Norma who handed the collection into the Royal Maternity on her way to work the following day.

 I've been learning to crochet this year and I think I might just be making progress. I managed to complete two baby blankets this week. One for the Hospice shop in Bailieston and one for a lady who is about to go off on maternity leave.

Norma had a lot of fun creating this scarf. The yarn is called "Oh-la-la"  by Ice Yarns and there were only two stitches in the pattern If you would like to have a go at a similar project then you can obtain the yarn from Norma.

OK, I give in! Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat .......etc, etc! I confess, I love these cross-stitch cards by Margaret. She really is planning ahead!

Noreen had completed a set of pram accessories. These miniature bootees are stunning and make such a beautiful gift.

Sharon has an eye for style! I told you earlier that traditional baby styles are all the rage just now. Practical, functional and CUTE!

Janice loved being a Clydesider and a ball at the Commonwealth Games. The Clyde mascots are for friends and the Clydesiders are for fellow Clydesiders who wanted a momento of the occassion.

I think Janice can knit this pattern with her eyes closed. This aran jacket and hat is gorgeous and is for a friend. There was some yarn left over so Janice just rattled up an extra hat. Just like that!

Kathleen's work is stunning! The baby hats were trimmed with eyelash yarn. The bigger of the hats was adapted from beret pattern and the smaller hat was adapted from a beanie pattern.

Anthea has many talents! These tops were created in response to the lovely weather we had this summer. The fabric for the Paisley pattern top was purchased in the Cotton Print Shop. The fabric at the top of the second garment was bought in South Africa in 1994. The darker blue fabric came from Mandors.

The third top has been made with a Lberty styleprint purchased in Mandors.

Anthea also crocheted this magnificent shawl for the cooler evenings using some of her own yarn that she had spun and dyed. The yarn is 100% silk. Anthea was unhappy with the resulting colour soooooo she dyed it again and this is the result.

This is the Anthea Fashion Show! Would you believe that Anthea got this fabric at one of our swap nights about a year ago? Our summer was so hot that Anthea needed a cool outfit. Wow!

Gill has been busy working on this amazing shawl in King Cole Riot. I must watch out for this yarn. The colour is called Urban.

Phyllis knitted this beautiful little baby dress in Baby Merino which she got from Norma. I love the detail in the dress.

Can you spot Magda? She had just returned from holiday in Poland and completed this blanket on her travels. She used six different colours to create 120 differnt hexagons. the result......STUNNING!

Elaine made this lovel wee FLUTTERBY baby suit. It is so soft to the touch. However, she had to alter the pattern to make the opening bigger to accommodate the baby. If you plan to use this pattern, please speak to Elaine and she will explain what she did. If you attempt it on your own the the baby will have to a contortionist to get into the garment!

Sorry about the delay putting in making the blog available to you but I went to Ireland for a few days and ran out of time to do this earlier. see you all tonight.

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