Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cakes R US!

And I thought no one would have time to bake anything! this was just to put us in the mood for the FINAL of the Great British Bake Off! Yum! I had 3 samples of loveliness but one or two of our little group managed to pass themselves quite nicely and went back for more. Everything was delicious but I did happen to notice that the chocolate brownies went down a treat. I'm sure we will be able to winkle the recipe out of Aileen at some point. This event was such a great idea. It generated a great deal of excitement and I am sure it will be repeated. Soon, I hope.

Look at these little hats! Kathleen made one hat for her little granddaughter and the other two just in case!
At home Kathleen lets a DOLL model the hats to see how effective they look. The doll is called Hattie!

Noreen  has created this handsome chap for a friend who wanted a snowman toilet roll cover for Christmas. I wonder if this is a new trend. Is anyone else involved in this new craze? Am I the last to hear about it? I'll think about it later.

Lorraine completed this amazing snood. I know what that is! It is crocheted in a cotton and wool mix and it has a label! Look closely! A range of labels can be bought in John Lewis to add to your creations. Such a nice touch.

Now we have a before and after photograph. The first picture shows Lorraine's crochet hook roll. The second reveals the crochet hook roll in all its splendour! A great way to organise your hooks.

The little thistle could become anything. Lorraine is undecided. It could become a drawer freshener or a keyring. The beauty of this stylish little make is that it could become any manner of things.

 As you know, Phyllis is a very busy crafter. This week she has completed some Christmas stockings and some cute Christmas pudding covers. A real novelty. Phyllis is always full of great ideas.

The Narissa shawl has been made with bamboo yarn that Phyllis got at the swap night.

Oh! Jings! Crivens and help ma Bob! I forgot to write down the details for this beautiful blanket. I will give you that information next week. Could the person concerned please let me know. Sorry, I must have been gabbing. Not like me at all!

Roberta has been working on another little baby cardigan. How does she find the time! As usual it looks great.

And just when I thought it was all over, Someone came out with this little dolls set made by Esther. I was blown away by this beautiful little set. Esther you are a star!

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