Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pretty in Pink!

Stephanie likes to give herself a challenge by attempting new and interesting patterns. This lovely yarn has a sparkle to it and the buttons are just to die for. Both were internet buys and the pretty set is for her box. I'm sure Stephanie could stock a shop with the contents of her box!

That talented lady, Magda, had an interesting finish for us this week. This hat was all her own work! The yarn was hand spun by Magda and she even had time to experiment with hand dyeing techniques. This colour would do me fine. Just watch this space for the next installment of Magda's adventures with yarn.

 On the left is a beautiful quilt that Magda had made as a gift for Miss Isabella and on the right is an amazing blanket that Magda created for Zuzanna. Look at the flowers! Stunning!

My friend Gran Sheila has been busy with the knitting needles. Sheila has always knitted and sewed for her family and grandchildren and now continues to knit little hats for charity. This little set are for the Royal Maternity Hospital. Not bad for a youngster of 87 years.

Isabel has returned from her holidays and has completed her new winter blanket. It started off as a poncho but Isabel had doubts about how fashionable it was.............and then turned it into a fabulous blanket. Good call.

Janice has been breeding rabbits and bibs again! This set is for Stephanie's box! I would love to get a look inside that box!

Fee had created this Frog for her friend as a birthday present and had given it away before she had time to bring it along to show to the group. This handsome frog is now loved and cherished in his forever home. Lucky chap!

Lady Isabella was delighted to model her new dress that her mum, Lisa, had just completed on Tuesday night. The yarn was a supermarket buy. Adorable.

Lisa also had time to crochet a hat for the charming Callum who feels the cold somewhat while undergoing treatment. Callum loves his hat and is especially proud of the fact that his Mum made it for him.

Lorraine crocheted a pretty poppy for her Breast Cancer charity. If you look carefully you will notice that the centre of the poppy has been done with eye-lash yarn.

Phyllis crocheted this Harry Potter inspired Hogwarts scarf and hat set for grandson. The Owl hat was for her granddaughter.

The Elsa hat from Frozen was also crocheted by Phyllis for another granddaughter! The blue and white hat is for another grandson who supports Chelsea FC. I wonder if the whole family have had garments made recently? Such a busy lady!

Where did you get that Hat? Where did you get that hat? I don't know the rest of the song ! Lucky escape for you! Anthea created this hat which is based on a Cabbage Patch Doll and is modelled by the lovely Isabella.

Anthea has managed to find time to make an amazing Road Trip scarf for herself. She has finally completed this corner to corner blanket for her daughter in Hogwarts colours. Stunning!

Margaret must be the most organised crafter for Christmas. I love that cat! Sadly, he is spoken for. Someone else will give him a home for Christmas.

Fiona Orr made this gorgeous baby blanket in Rico Pompon. Below you will see that Fiona has matched the little blanket with a lovely baby beret. The shot is in close up so that you can admire the workmanship. That is my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Apologies to Gillian who brought a cosy jumper to show. I did take a photo of it but the gremlins took it! Gillian, please bring in your jumper so I can photograph it again.

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