Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Janice is a Grandmother-to-be and she spent her holiday knitting some little garments for for the arrival of her first grandchild. Above, you can see two fisherman's rib cardigans that will be easy for a wee one to wear. The buttons on the white cardigan were originally from her son's cardigan when he was a baby!

This lovely jacket is so stylish and and will be treasured by the new mum. Janice was just using up some spare yarn when she knitted these practical baby hats.

I came across an old pattern that my friend's mum was throwing out and decided to have a go. I like the pattern and the yarn but I am not fond of a set in sleeve.  My sewing machine has a range of fancy stitches and for a long time I had intended making a stitch bible showing how some of my favourite stitches look using variegated thread.

Jillian loves to sew! Jillian had this fabric for a while and had intended making a dress for the summer. She made this dress during the Christmas break because she is going away for some winter sunshine. Lucky thing!

Fiona Orr has created another of these adorable hats! I love the style of this bonnet. Beautiful.

Anthea had been working on this corner- to- corner blanket for a while. She created it as a Christmas gift for her nephew in England. I bet he was delighted with it.

This is stunning! Catriona has magic hands! This set is called Milly's Secret Garden. Zoom in to see the pearls set inside each cable. Look at the bootees! This set is heading off to the USA. Someone will be amazed to receive this beautiful set.

Fran has been busy too. Above you can see her completed Road Trip Scarf which was a gift to herself. Busy crafters seldom have time to make for themselves!

Fran also completed this cowl. The pattern is from Be Hooked Crochet. Fran had some spare yarn left over and made some finger-less mittens to go with the cowl. The pretty corner- to -corner blanket was created as a gift for Fran's great-niece. I love the way the yarn changes colour in this piece and I particularly like the little flower motif.

Did you know our Isabel has retired? During the Holidays she completed the pair of socks on the left as a gift for a friend at work. The second pair of socks was a Christmas present for her great-niece aged 3 years. Isabel combined three different patterns to create the second pair! WOW!

Isabel was given a kit at Christmas time to make a hot water bottle cover. It did not take long to do and she may give the completed gift back to her sister next Christmas!

Elaine enjoyed working with this yarn while she was making this cushion cover. I would like to point out that I also like blue! Just saying! The scarf that Elaine is modelling is stunning! Elaine got the pattern and the yarn from The Queen of Purls at the Saltmarket. The scarf pattern is called, Gallatin scarf.

Izzy is having a rest from sewing at the moment and has been playing with her crochet hook instead.This little hat is for her favourite charity.

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