Sunday, 18 January 2015

What a HOOT!

I love this owl! I would give him a happy home if he was up for adoption. This handsome chap is straight out of Harry Potter and was loving made by Lyn. Tu-wit -tu- woo!

Madga has always been a busy crafter. This week she was feeling the cold, winter chill and created a cosy green scarf with interesting edging. Below, you can see Magda wearing her new jumper which she completed this evening. I think Magda is now ready to face any winter weather that comes her way.

Fran completed this pink chunky cowl in double quick time! Winter forces us to be creative quickly.

The lovely Lisa has been making these clever stitch markers for quite some time. What I love about them is the fact that they remind you which hook you were working with. With so many things going round in my head, I could certainly do with several of these.

Isabel has more crafting time now that she has retired. This week She completed a pom-pom hat with yarn she got at a swap night. It's no loss what a friend gets!

Fiona has come on  leaps and bounds with her crochet. This magnificent poncho has been made for her niece. I bet the wee girl will be delighted.

Stephanie has been working overtime with her knitting needles. Boy Scouts rub two sticks together to make a fire but Our Stephanie can KNIT with two sticks! I am very fond of this pattern and I just adore the wee hat that has been made to complete the set.

The two cardigans were knitted just for fun! Stephanie likes to work with a variety of patterns and this is a great way to use up some of her enormous yarn stash.

I saved the best for last! This  Elf set is so cute! I could see this working in many different colour combinations. The bootees have a surprise in them. Stephanie included little bells in the toes! Hearing the tinkling of fairy bells every time the baby kicks his feet! Brilliant!

If you missed me on Tuesday night, I was away getting some winter sunshine. If you didn't miss me..........why not!

A big thanks to Janice for taking the photos and e-mailing them to me. And thanks to Stephanie for doing the raffle. 

Remember we have Aileen's baby shower on 17th February and Refurbishment begins on the Conference Room on 24th February.

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