Sunday, 8 February 2015

Love is in the air!

Magda is full of ideas! This is a great idea for mug rugs for the one you love. This style is based on Crazy Patchwork. Simple but sophisticated.

Izzy is having a rest from sewing at the moment and has produced a lovely baby blanket for a friend of the family. Another talented lady who has mastered several crafting techniques.

This tapestry kit was given to Laura by Roberta. Laura ran out of yarn and did a tour of craft suppliers until she could match the correct colours. This took a while to complete but Laura was delighted with the finished item.

I love these! Jill was inspired by similar hats she had seen on a blog called, "Repeat Crafter Me." Jill modified the patterns to make these hats. What a stunning collection!

Roberta is another repeat crafter. Why stop at one craft? The hedgehogs were a MUST make because they were so cute. The table runner and mug rugs were inspired by Stephanie's Japanese garden path wall-hanging. Roberta had bought the fabric a long time ago and rescued it from a drawer to make this set. Stunning!

I knitted this little white cardigan with a yarn which had a bit of sparkle to it. Stephanie kindly sewed the garment together for me when my fingers were misbehaving with the cold. I adore this pattern and look forward to working  it again.

I would find it helpful if you could bring your finishes out to be photographed. My old pins are not what they used to be.

Aileen's Baby Shower is on 17th February. Please note that on this evening the only photographs \I will be taking will be of the Baby Shower. Please keep other finishes for the following week.

Our New Home from the 3rd of March is The cafe at The Bridge Library at 1000 Westerhouse Road, in Easterhouse. You can park in the street or in the car park which services the college and swimming pool.

Elaine has reminded us that if you plan to go to Gartmore then payment in full should be made at least 6 weeks before we go.

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