Sunday, 1 February 2015

Beautiful Plaid.

Anthea created a beautiful Plaid Blanket for her Gran. The blanket was crocheted and then the plaid effect was woven into the existing crochet. It is stunning. The old lady was delighted with the gift. I don't know how Anthea was able to part with something so beautiful.

Janice is a Granny-in-waiting. The little pink jacket was knitted, "Just in case it is a girl!" The mitts and bootees match the little white cardigan she knitted a few weeks ago. Janice has a list of items to make for her first grandchild!

Anthea fell in love with Lyn's owl that was shown a couple of weeks ago. She asked Lyn to make one for her daughter's Harry Potter themed bedroom. What a Hoot! Anthea's daughter will be thrilled with her owl!

Finishes were as rare as hen's teeth this week. I suspect that everyone is working on Secret Projects.

Aileen's Baby Shower is on the 17th February.

We will meet in our new home on the 3rd of March, in the cafe in The Bridge,  while refurbishment work on the Conference suite is carried out. Details are given in Karen's e-mail, dated 27th of January. I still have some paper maps if you would like one. I hope to visit The Bridge this week and check out their coffee and will post the postcode in the next blog. Pass the word onto anyone who may have missed the e-mail and has been unable to attend our meetings recently.

AND finally.......congratulations to Isabel on her retirement. She was speechless this week when she received her vouchers of opportunity.......lessons in quilting, knitting socks from the toe up, scrap-booking, cake decorating etc. Once Isabel recovers from her holiday in the sun she will be learning lots of new skills, if she has the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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