Sunday, 14 June 2015

A little touch of purple!

Lyn's crafting takes her in many directions. To celebrate Caroline's forthcoming wedding Lyn created this wonderful lucky horse shoe for Caroline to take to Millport, sorry, Greek Island for the wedding.

Janice is still a Granny in waiting and had a bit of fun trying out this garter stitch pattern in two different colourways. Both look fab! She also had time to knit this great hooded jacket for when the baby is a little bit bigger. Not long now, Janice!

I'm still struggling with Carpal Tunnel but managed to knit a basic wee cardigan for my box. You have no idea how long this took to complete!

Linda and Elaine have been busy making one of their baskets for a friend at work. Linda made some fun bunting and Elaine created a cute hot water bottle cover complete with jungle animal buttons for decoration. Their friend will be delighted with the basket of goodies.

Ok, own up. who made this corner to corner blanket? Somehow I got distracted and missed the opportunity to list the details of the maker. Sorry, just remind me and I will be happy to celebrate your success in next weeks blog.

As you know Phyllis is a speedy crafter but she sometimes forgets to show us her finishes. This week she remembered to bring along this lovely pink and white circular shawl. I love these coconut ice colours. Star blankets are on trend at the moment and I really like this colourway. Phyllis was too busy gabbing to give me any details.

I was never very fond of granny squares but I feel inspired to try making Phyllis' Giant Granny blanket once Lisa makes me a chunky crochet hook. I wonder what finishes Phyllis will bring in next time.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this might be another of Phyllis' blankets. Please check that I actually write down your crafting details. I think I suffered from too many interruptions last week but I love to see your finishes and have a chat. I just can't do both at the same time!

Anthea wanted to spin something that was a bit chunkier than the stuff she did for Magda. That was mighty fine! Here you can see undyed Shetland yarn. The larger hank is double plied and is Aran weight. 204 yards in length. The other hank is Navajo plied, that is tripple plied. Ok Anthea, what are you going to make with this? No pressure!

This is little Bella's star blanket. Lisa made it for her and it has been in constant use because the colours appeal to the little lady and it is so soft and cozy.

Jill sent me a picture of the completed pram blanket she had been working on. This is stunning and is already on its way to its new home.

Caroline announced the Happy Hookers had raised £451 so far for the Beatson.

A big thanks to everyone for their donations in memory of Yvonne's husband, John, who sadly passed away. We have £115 for Yvonne to give to John's chosen charity. Another big thanks to all who attend John's funeral. I know that Yvonne appreciated your support at this difficult time.

Roberta had originally suggested that we knit for Nepal. If you have time to knit or crochet 8 inch squares or strips that can be sent off by the group to the appropriate charity where they will be sewn together to create blankets. The cost of postage will be met by group funds.

EXCITING NEWS! On Tuesday 16th June we will be doing our bit for the International Knit in Public Day, although we have delayed it by three days! We will be meeting in the Marks and Spencers' cafe at the Fort that night. You can knit, crochet,sew, whatever. Tables will be set aside for us.....just ask when you arrive.

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