Sunday, 21 June 2015

Such a Busy Week!

Elena is an Art student and came along to the S & B to learn to crochet. She had this idea that different stitches would create great printed images. I went along to her Grad Show at the Tontine Building at Trongate to have a look. The first picture shows a variety of crochet motifs as a collection. Photos 2 and 3 are printed images of crochet work and the final photograph is a glass window pane with crochet image etched on to it. Stunning! who would have thought that so many applications would have been gathered from some crochet! Well done, Elena. Respect!

On Tuesday night the S & B went along to the Cafe in M & S to participate in the Knitting in Public event. 29 creative ladies participated in this extravaganza. The new cafe is bright and airy with lots of space to knit or crochet or just enjoy the coffee.

Serious crafting was undertaken amidst much laughter and chat.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the staff in the Cafe for their hospitality that night. They were wonderful and made the evening enjoyable. Mark astounded us by providing samples of cake. He obviously knows how to impress a knitting group.

We even had some finishes that night! Stephanie completed this lovely baby set for her BOX!

Patsy was delighted to show off this brilliant baby quilt for her niece's baby. Patsy has recently taken up Patchwork and quilting and is super keen. Keep up the good work, Patsy.

This stunning ball gown was created by Izzy for Lyn's Barbie doll. Some girls just don't grow up! Izzy, I am amazed at the way that you can work in such a small scale. Fabulous!

Norma had been trying out a new pattern and this is the result. Cute baby slippers. lovely.

Isabel had bought this lovely yarn a while ago and knitted a pair of socks. There was some yarn left over but not enough to do another pair of socks. Magda had bought the same yarn to do a project and then had some left over. Magda kindly gifted the remaining yarn to Isabel, who then had enough yarn to complete a pair of socks. The short version of this story is......... Isabel was able to knit two pairs of socks for less than £4!

Elaine was the proud creator of the blanket from last weeks blog! Sorry, Elaine, for forgetting!

On Tuesday 23rd June we are back in the Management Suite.

A wee reminder about knitting for Nepal......we are requested to knit/crochet 8 inch squares or strips that are 8 inches wide. The knitting group will forward them to be completed by a charity.

The Happy Hookers have raised 3481 for the Beatson so far.

See you all at the Management Suite on Tuesday.

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