Sunday, 28 June 2015

What's in the Box?

Jillian has joined the BOX SET! Whereby a busy crafter creates something because they like the pattern or yarn and then put it aside in their box to be gifted to someone at a later date. This is a great idea! Then you have a selection of baby gifts ready and waiting. Jillian saw this pattern in cotton yarn and just had to knit it. This outfit is so summery and the navy and white is in vogue at the moment.

Magda created a thank you card for the nursery her four children attended. Number 4 child is about to start Primary school in August! I can remember Jan's baby shower! Time passes so quickly. The coloured flowers were created from B & Q paint charts and the shapes were cut out using Anthea's Daisy Die Cut.

Talking of Anthea.........she has been experimenting with FIMO recently and created this stunning sunflower brooch.

Phyllis had just completed this blue and white star blanket using ripple and shell patterns in baby DK. The pattern is a Debi Y pattern. I so love the pastel shades.

Linda is another busy crafter. This week she has been using the Women's Institute yarn to create a beautiful blanket for a friend.

I knitted this wee hooded cardigan with some alterations. It was originally an edge to edge jacket but I just couldn't leave it at that as it looked unfinished. I'm still struggling with the tension and would probably use a larger set of pins next time round.

I saw this wee baby hat pattern on the net and had to have a go. It will go in my box with the cardigan.

Donna's little one, Abby, got her Daddy a kindle for Father's Day. The protective cover is still lounging about in the post, so Donna crocheted a cover to keep the device safe. Clever Mummy!

Fiona Orr has had fun trying out a pattern that she found on the web. How cute is this wee turban style baby hat? This is another one for the box!

The RED Challenge. In memory of Margaret we have agreed to stage a challenge which is open to all members.
- The creation must be RED in some form of shape and size. It can be made of yarn, fabric or any other medium as long as it is RED. 
- There will be several prizes to be awarded at the discretion of an independent judge.
- The Challenge Night will be Tuesday 6th October.
- No Entry Fee is required for this challenge.
- No Entry Forms to fill in. Just provide details and information about your entry as you hand it in.

Ready, Set, Go! Get crafting! Can't wait!

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