Sunday, 9 August 2015

Janice has been searching the web for a practical pincushion and stumbled across this great idea. You fasten it around your wrist like a watch. Brilliant!

Yvonne bought a kit to kit a scarf from Watt Bros. She and her Mary, her lovely Mum-in-Law from New Zealand, worked it between them. Yvonne is adamant that she will keep it for herself and wear it during the winter months when she is going to work. The photo does not do the scarf justice! It is so cute!

I am a little bit in love with this. Fran crocheted this Moogly shawl using yarn her sister, Kat, brought back from Turkey. I love the colour changes and the edging is so delicate.

Jillian is firmly caught in the quilting web! This quilt is for herself to sit on a chair in the kitchen. The quilt incorporates a variety of textures including tweed. Jillian is really getting into the swing of it!

Isabel, this photo does not show off your lovely to its best. Isabel bought the cream Kid Silk yarn when it was on special offer. She had been seduced by the softness of the yarn! At a later date she then purchased some black Kid Silk to ensure she had enough to complete a project. Isabel had seen a demo on the web explaining Knitting with Beads. This was not an easy project to complete and Isabel says she may keep the scarf for herself.

Phyllis had some of Callum's Merino Gradient  purchased From The Love Of Yarn and decided to make this Pi shawl with it. this pattern really shows the colour changes to great effect.

Patsy is hook on quilting! Be warned, quilting can be addictive! Look carefully at the pictures. This one is ideal for cat lovers! Patsy made this one for her friend's special birthday. All together now......"Ahhhhhh!"

The Beatson charity walk is on Sunday 16th August if you would like to go along and support our Happy Hookers team.

Yvonne's Mum-in-Law, Mary, left a £10 donation to group funds as a thank you to everyone for their support and friendship over the last few months. Mary has returned to New Zealand and we hope to see her again whenever she is in Scotland.

CONGRATULATIONS to Fiona Orr and Martin on their engagement! Fiona, your ring is beautiful!

The Belly Dancing show for Alzheimer Scotland is on 2nd October at Eastwood Park Theatre. Tickets £12.50 each. As you know Belly Dancing is a great form of exercise. A wise person at the knitting group said, "It is also good for your sex life!" I bow to your superior knowledge!

Alison Freeman has agreed to act as coordinator for TWIDDLE MUFFS for Dementia sufferers. If you have any spare yarn and some time to create this item it will be greatly appreciated. The link will be sent in an email soon.

Happy crafting!

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mrsarchy1 said...

Much of the success of Twiddlemuffs is based on the different textures they provide so, even if you can't spare the time to create them, it'd be helpful if you could spare some yarn. Fibres like eyelash, pompom, etc. all help in terms of sensory experience so any donations of these types would be greatly appreciated - even enough to work a few rows would help. In addition, any oddments of ribbon, spare beads, buttons, etc. will all go a long way to making them as "twiddle-able" as possible xx