Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Happy Hookers ROCK!

The Happy Hookers did Margaret proud! This is our band of intrepid fund raisers who walked 10K to raise funds in the memory of our of our dear friend, Margaret. Fiona T thought  the whole experience had been brilliant fun, a good laugh but sore on the ankles! Jillian saw parts of Glasgow that she had never seen before!

Norma and Caroline entered into the fun of the occasion sporting new hair styles. Norma felt the event was inspiring! Caroline wants to sign up for next years event!

Lisa brought along her own mini supporter in the shape of Miss Isabella. It is therefore not surprising that Lisa thought the event was Awesome! 

Each member of the team of Happy Hookers were presented with a goody bag created by Elaine and Dawn. It included Happy Hooker crochet hooks made especially for the day, a small ball of yellow yarn, a flower made by Caroline and an inspirational poem to set them on their way.

Each team member was encouraged to crochet a square as they went along to illustrate the fact that they did indulge in crochet and nothing else!

Fee stole the show with her eye catching socks! Lyn was ecstatic that she completed the walk without stopping.

 Norma and Susan enjoying that sense of achievement!

Some of the yellow squares that will be made up into a lap quilt for the Beatson Raffle at Christmas.
On Tuesday night the total raised so far was £1095. Congratulations to all who participated or supported the event. Happy Hookers ROCK!

Linda created this lovely lap blanket using Ice Yarn. I could easily live with these muted shades.

Izzi had completed another quilt for Nepal.

Janice made 5 bags for the Beatson. Once that woman gets going, there is no stopping her!

Morag is really getting back into knitting after a long lay off. This week she used up some old yarn that had been sitting in the house for quite some time. What a fabulous make!

Sarah is new to crochet and was delighted to complete two garnny squares. This is a brilliant start on her crafting life.

Allison brought along some examples of TWIDDLE MUFFS for us to see and feel. These are intended for dementia sufferers but their was some debate about how calming they would be for children with autism. The muffs themselves should contain a variety if yarns with different textures and a collection of adornments. Both crochet and knitting patterns for these were available. If you have any old keys, big buttons, beads, ribbons etc feel free to bring them in and our highly trained team of sewers will add them to completed muffs.

I had a message from Annee in the Management Team to say that work on the building will begin September/October. No exact date has been given. We will go with the flow and will set up a temporary camp in M & S Cafe once we know what is happening.

Next meeting will be held in M & S cafe. Pass the word.

Happy crafting!

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