Sunday, 30 August 2015

Our New LOGO!

 I asked Lisa to design a logo for our group. Lisa is multi-talented and came up with this. It even has a RED element in the design in memory of Margaret. Great job, Lisa!

Anthea made a large pencil case to fit into a ring binder to keep all of her drawing and writing tools while out at college. On Tuesday night  she was just completing a bolster cushion for a friend. It is now living in its new home and her friend is delighted.

I completed this little pram cover for my box. I bought the panel last year at the craft show in the SECC.

Stephanie completed a Twiddle Muff and had great fun adding a variety of adornments. The second Muff was made by Alison and sewn up by Stephanie. I'm fascinated by these muffs. I love the textures and the decorations. We could all do with one of these!

Lyn and Elaine used the squares made by the Happy Hookers, during their charity walk, to create two lap blankets for the Beatson raffle.

Lyn had fun making this First Birthday present for a little girl she knows. It was greatly admired on Tuesday night.

Noreen likes to keep busy even when she is away on holiday. She needed gifts for 3 friends who were expecting little girls. Now she is super organised!

Janice was part of the Twiddle Muff enthusiasts. She knitted the muff on the left and decorated the muff on the right for someone else.

I love this! the colour changes are great. Jillian made this scarf for her daughter, Jemma, who starts studying at Edinburgh  Uni shortly.

Janice even had time to sew a Beatson bag this week.

Stephanie was felling inspired and made 6 Beatson Bags! Bright and cheerful!

This is a selection of Twiddle Muffs made by Allison. They look great!

Roberta completed sewing up this muff while we were in M & S Cafe. It will be decorated with all kinds of everything for next week.

We enjoyed our visit to M & S cafe on Tuesday night. There is always a lot of crafting going on and M & S are very welcoming. Annee sent a message to say that work will begin on the refurbishment of the Management Suite sometime Sept/ Oct. When this happens we will camp in M & S cafe.

Are you organised for the RED Challenge? Some people are super organised! Just saying.

Next week we are in the Management Suite.

Happy Crafting!

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