Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Honorary Member!

On our last get together before Christmas we all met our newest member. This is Adam Who was born a little over a week ago (a little birthday present for his mum Magdalena). He was our quietest member as he didn't stir once. There was a little excitement when someone announced he had opened an eye. He probably saw all those people and decided waking up wasn't worth it.
Only a few finishes this week and all by the same person. Val finished her lovely baby cardigan. Originally the back was meant to be plain. Val felt this didn't quite fit in with the res of the pattern and so added the bobbles to the back too. Obviously you can't see it from this photo but it did look good.

These beautiful table runners were also stitched by Val. The red one isn't quite finished yet (not that you can tell from the front). It's also planned as a Christmas gift.

These bags are one of Val's specialities. She has made one for Helen who now uses it as her knitting bag. She even gives workshops on how to make them. These bags were made during those workshops and I believe Val mentioned she was also willing to sell these particular ones.

As this was our last week until January 6th I thought I would take some photo's of everyone working and chatting away. The photo above shows Val working on her cross stitch and Ginnie knitting a pair of dance socks. As well as being a knitter both are also quilters.

This is Janette. She is currently knitting a jacket using three different shades of green together. It looks very affective and will be lovely and warm when finished. Janette is also a quilter.

This is Julia and Helen. Julia is working on knitting a Santa Clause. She just has a few pieces to do and then she can put him all together. We will get a finished photo of him after Christmas. Helen is knitting a scarf using soya yarn. It's the same design that she used for her daughter. This one is in lovely shades of pink.
This is Joyce and Donna. Joyce is one of our speed knitters. She is currently working on a sweater. Donna is crocheting granny square's (she's also a knitter and a cross stitcher). Crocheting is an envy of some of the group. A few of us (myself included) have been unsuccessful in attempting to crochet.
This is Magdalena and Monika. Magdalena is looking good and surprised us all by coming back just a week after Adam was born (she always said that she hoped Adam would be born on a Wednesday so that she could still come along on the Tuesday). Monika is currently working on a lovely scarf using Tunisia crochet. A popular method amongst the group.
This is Isobel and Ann. You can see the scarf that Isobel has been working on. Isobel decided to increase the number of stitches used as it's a gift for her husband. Ann is now a converted sock knitter. The previous week Ginnie had mentioned that she was disappointed that she had yet to turn anyone else into a sock addict. Now she has. Ann has now said she will also knit nothing but socks.
This is Gillian and Margaret. Gillian is working on her third pair of fingerless gloves. She is also the member who has spun her own yarn. Margaret is famous for knitting her sleeveless tops even in the height of winter. She is currently working on an aron baby cardigan

Lastly here are some group photo's (you can see me in the background in one wearing blue and doing more talking than knitting);

Another reminder that we will be back on Tuesday January 6th. All new members are more than welcome. If I receive any finished pictures from the group I will post them here during our break.

Authors Retraction: Sock lady Ginnie has not moved away from knitting socks. Any evidence to suggest that she has knitted anything else is purely circumstantial i.e. the photo of her knitting fingerless gloves also looks like the start of a pair of socks.

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