Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Winter Woollies!

With the cold weather coming in just about everyone was knitting something warm. This is Gillian with a scarf she started last week. It combines three different yarns which makes it warm and stretchy. It's difficult to see from the photo but one of the yarns is gold metallic. This made the scarf all sparkly and very festive. At the group Gillian was knitting a hat with the largest cone of yarn anyone had seen.

This scarf, hat and mittens set was done by Margaret for her youngest daughter. The hat was knitted with the wool left over from the scarf and mittens. The bow was supposed to be at the crown of the hat but Margaret placed it at the bottom instead. Last night she was working on another scarf as she had ran out of wool for the top she had been working on the last few weeks.

These socks were knitted by our sock knitter Ginnie. The yarn she used is a variegated sock yarn. The stripes in these socks knitted up naturally with the type of yarn she used. A gorgeous pattern with no need for any colour changes. She will deny all knowledge of this but at the group last night she was knitting gloves rather than socks. Unfortunately any photographic evidence I could have taken of this would have been pointless. It looked like she was knitting socks.

This beautiful cardigan was knitted by Louise. This cardigan is for a 2-3 year old. Louise joined the group a few weeks ago. To continue with the winter theme she had went on to knit a hat using a lovely, chunky, pink yarn.

Three scarfs were also on the pins. Two following a similar pattern using noro yarn, the third using Tunisian crochet. Three baby cardigans were being worked on (one of which was being stitched together by Val). Janette was continuing with her jacket. She finished the back and had started the front. Laura had decided not to bring her Tunisian crochet as it was now too heavy (I also found out that it was done using 10 balls of wool). Instead she worked on some cross stitch for Ginnie which she finished. A photo of this will be taken when it's framed. Last but not least we had another stitcher who was stitching a Tatty Ted bookmark.

Unfortunately we have only two more nights left as we stop for Christmas. We will be back again in January however.

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