Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's Been A While

This week was my first week back after three weeks. While I was gone we had an influx of new members. I would say there were over 20 in our little group now. Here is one new member, Mercedes, with her first finish. A lovely green cardi. This photo was taken by Margaret two weeks ago and she is now just about finished her second (hopefully there will be a photo of this next week).

While I have been away a new craze has also started up. A few months back Gillian had been making bags using Tunisian crochet. Laura (our cross stitcher) has decided to take it up but on a much larger scale. This photo doesn't show just how large the crochet hook actually is. Having all those different coloured yarns crocheted together looks really good. This will become a rug for Laura's bed.

Here is Isobel showing off her lovely scarf. She got the pattern from Helen who has also knitted up a scarf like this but in different colours. The yarn used is a silk/mohair mix called Noro from Japan. It is dry clean only but worth it for this lovely stripey effect. Isobel is now knitting her second scarf. She is using the same pattern but making it a little broader. I have also picked up this yarn and am knitting a scarf with it. Although I am using a different pattern.

This is Laura with the lovely scarf knitted by her mum, Helen. Helen wasn't there this week as she wasn't feeling to good. Also being worked on this week were lots of baby clothes, a jacket using three yarns together, a lovely glittery scarf, more Tunisian crochet and two tops.

Janette has taken some photo's from one of the weeks I missed and has said she will send them to me. Will post those early next week. She is also bravely teaching some of her students to knit (including one boy).

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