Sunday, 23 November 2008

More Winter Warmers

It's the second last week and everyone is still on winter projects. Here is Gillian with a pair of fingerless gloves she just finished that night. Joyce liked them so much that Gillian went on to knit a pair for her grandson.

Here are Isobel and myself showing off our newly completed scarfs using noro yarn. Both followed the same pattern although Isobel adapted hers slightly making it all the more striking. She used larger needles to create a more lacey pattern. Realising that the width of the scarf would mean using up more yarn she decided to decrease not long into the pattern. She did increased when she reached the end creating wider ends at both ends of the scarf. Isobel was knitting another scarf that night with a pattern passed on to her by Helen (an image of Helen's scarf was modelled by her daughter Laura two posts ago). This one is for her husband.

Laura was also back onto the Tunisian crochet. It has grown by quite a bit since Laura last brought it in. I found out that she uses ten different colours of wool together. She also changes the colours as she runs out which creates a lovely effect. She is planning to make several panels, stitch them together and use it on her bed.

This creepy thing is meant to be a gingerbread man. I knitted this up the night before the knitting group. It has a pocket on the back which you are supposed to use like a puppet and make him walk. I had the idea of putting candy canes in the pocket and giving it away for Christmas. However, looks more like a voodoo doll to me. Think it has more to do with my knitting though as the images from Simply Knitting magazine were very cute. I then went onto to work on a Doctor Who scarf I promised for a friend a while back.

Ok, so not everyone has been knitting for the cold weather. Here is Margaret with her newly finished top. The photo doesn't do it justice, especially the pattern at the bottom. Margaret then went on to knit an aron baby cardigan for a friend in work who is about to become a grandmother.

Louise was working on a Christmas present for her mum, Ginnie was back onto sock, Helen was also knitting a scarf for her husband and Joyce was on to another top.

Just a reminder that Tuesday 25th November will be the last get together until after Christmas. Parking gets too hectic there with the Christmas rush. We will be back on Tuesday 6th January.

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