Thursday, 8 January 2009

First Week Back

First week back and the only person to bring along anything to show off was our sock lady, Ginnie. How amazing are these socks? I should point out that this ones partner was being passed round the other side of the room. I've seen a similar pattern in scarves but not socks. They look so comfy and it's amazing how all the little squares match up.

Our first night was more of a catch up. Not a lot went on. Our littlest member, Adam, was along which kept Isobel occupied. I don't think Isobel got much knitting done but Magdalana was grateful as she was able to get some done.

Ginnie was on another pair of socks and finished the first of the pair that night. Anne is also still on the socks. Although she is going to try different sock patterns. She's getting bored with going round and round.

Lots of baby knitting going on. I was knitting yet another baby blanket. Margaret, Helen, Julia, Joyce and Gillian were all on baby clothes. Julia has finished her Santa and she has promised to try and bring him along next week for photo's. Magdalana was working on a top for her daughter, Donna was onto a second hat, Val was doing some cross stitch, Janette was working on her jacket and Monika was working on her scarf. Hope I haven't left anyone out.

I don't think there was anyone from the group missing that first night. It was good to see everyone back. Like Ginnie and Monika I was glad to be back and very much missed my Tuesday nights (and coffee) over the Christmas holiday.

Hopefully there will be more photo's next week as I will remember to bring my camera and not have to rely on my phone.

Last, the lovely Val and Janette got me a book called "sock and glove". It shows how to make soft toys out of gloves and socks. Will have to attempt one of them soon.

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The Sock Lady said...

And wasn't it great to see everyone again! Thanks Karen for publishing the latest sock -- it is one of Lucy Neatby's and comes from her book "Cool Socks, Warm Feet". Whilst I don't much like the way she lays out her patterns, there is no denying that they are fantastic! This one is called the Mermaid sock and achieves its chequered effect by using a striping yarn (in this case Ringals by Regia) and a spiral pattern. It is also the first time I've tried the garter stitch 'short-row' heel. I like the effect a lot and may try it again.

For the advanced knitters amongst you, you may want to check out the new knitting magazine 'The Knitter' which is a very up-market produce with some fab designs (no socks yet, alas).

I shall be AWOL for a couple of weeks whilst I am on my travels, but look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep well and keep knitting.