Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Quiet Night

Last night was a quiet one. Not a lot of us there due to illness and the horrible weather. On the bright side though Gillian brought along a gorgeous Christening dress she knitted about 10 years ago. It is knitted using 2ply wool and was done as a way of challenging herself. The photo below allows you to see it in more detail.

We had one finish this week. I managed to finish the baby blanket I had been working on the last two weeks. The pattern came from a page a day calendar. Last night I worked on a preemie baby cardigan instead (a charity we might be knitting for as a group).

Also on the needles were a couple of scarves, a colourful hat, a child's tunic, a sweater, an evening wrap and more baby clothes. For once though I have some photo's of everyone's projects. All but the evening wrap as the sparkly yarn used didn't turn out to well in the photo (was very pretty though).

Louise mentioned that she had some friend going to India next month on behalf of a charity. I might be posting a request regarding this from Louise this week.

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The Sock Lady said...

Well, for a quiet night a lot of knitting seemed to be going on! Lots of interesting yarns on needles too. It would be good if we could broadcast news about new yarns that are unmissable, or shops offering wool offers -- that way we won't miss any bargains. Sorry to hear so many people have come down with the lurgy, but hope to see all the regular faces on Tuesday when I expect to be back in my usual seat with a pair of socks on my needles.