Monday, 12 January 2009

A Message From Sock Lady

And wasn't it great to see everyone again! Thanks Karen for publishing the latest sock -- it is one of Lucy Neatby's and comes from her book "Cool Socks, Warm Feet". Whilst I don't much like the way she lays out her patterns, there is no denying that they are fantastic! This one is called the Mermaid sock and achieves its chequered effect by using a striping yarn (in this case Ringals by Regia) and a spiral pattern. It is also the first time I've tried the garter stitch 'short-row' heel. I like the effect a lot and may try it again. For the advanced knitters amongst you, you may want to check out the new knitting magazine 'The Knitter' which is a very up-market produce with some fab designs (no socks yet, alas).

I shall be AWOL for a couple of weeks whilst I am on my travels, but look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep well and keep knitting.

The above message was added in the comments by Ginnie. I posted it here so that no one misses it. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this books is available anymore unless you are willing to buy it second hand. Here is a link to amazons listing anyway. I am sure though you could get it for less from ebay. You never know, with so many people knitting socks these days it might be re-released.


The Sock Lady said...

Thanks Karen for checking this out. I bought my copy from I Knit London, a shop I visited recently. They do mail order and may still have copies on their shelves if anyone is interested. The on-line shop web-site is:

Bossyboots said...

Well ladies I will return to the group on Tuesday. The arm is working enough to allow me to knit! Looking forward to seeing you all.
Missed you. Ann