Monday, 2 February 2009

Better Late Than Never!

I have been meaning to post this all week. Sorry! Look at the beautiful wall hanging quilted by Janette. It's an African design. This photo in no way does it justice. The colours stand out a lot more on the real thing. Janette and Val had also done jackets which I will hopefully get a photo of this week. Janette continued with knitting her jacket which is more than halfway done now (in this snow she is going to need it). Val was also working on her cross stitch.

Laura also had some stitching to show off. How lovely is this? Again the photo doesn't do it justice. The colours are so much brighter in the real thing. Almost a year ago now when Laura came along to the knitting group she was working on this. She has done a lot of other projects in between (her Tunisian crochet, and a lot of other cross stitch designs). Just now she is making baby blankets using Tunisian crochet.

Lastly here is Adam, our youngest member, showing off his mums knitting. A lovely little leaf cap. It's very cute and Magdalana said it took no time at all to knit up. The original pattern had ties for underneath the cap but Magdalana left them out. I think it looks cuter without them.

The experts were out in force last week. Annie needed some advice with her knitting and so Gillian stepped in to give her a hand. I decided that I was going to learn to crochet finally even if it killed me. Luckily Carol and Magdalana were there to help out. There is always someone there to lend a hand if you are learning something new.

Before I forget to mention, Sock Lady Ginnie was knitting something other than socks again. She was in fact knitting a scarf to match the gloves she didn't knit last time. I did take a photo of her to prove to the world she has knitted something other than socks. Unfortunately you can't actually tell she isn't knitting socks because of the position of her hands. It's the last time I forget to bring my camera and have to resort to the old camera phone. Next time sock lady Ginnie, next time!

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The Sock Lady said...

What a wonderfully productive bunch we are! And it seems everytime I come someone new has joined the group and is bringing different interests, skills and chat that really adds to the fun of the evening.

And OK, I'll come clean -- yes I was knitting a scarf for part of the time last week, and yes it was to match the fingerless gloves I spent a little time on before Christmas. In my defense I'd like you to know that I've been teaching a friend to knit socks to occupy her hands as she struggles with giving-up smoking -- so had to keep stopping the socks I've been knitting in order to show her how to knit the heel flap, turn the heel, do the gusset etc. In fact since Christmas I've had about four pairs on different needles all at different stages of completion -- and as I'd run out of 2.5mm needles, I had to knit something and the scarf was the first choice (it was SOCK wool, afterall!) Fortunately my friend has now finished her first pair, and I've finished off all the odd socks.

However, as we've agreed to spend some time knitting for charity this month, I shall be bringing something else that isn't socks to our next group. John Lewis give a free pattern for a premy baby cardigan if you buy the wool; so I'll have straight needles and a pattern for a teeny-tiny cardi and wool in shades of pink and blue but I'll probably have socks in my bag too as I still have back orders for fifteen pairs to finish.