Monday, 9 February 2009

Baby Knits

Seems to be a lot of baby knitting just now (there is a reason behind some of it which I will go into soon). This gorgeous reversible crochet blanket was done by Donna's gran. Donna herself is attempting it in blue and white. She brought this one a long to make sure she was following the pattern correctly. It almost looks like two blankets stitched together. When you get up close though you realise that it is one blanket cleverly done.

Margaret also brought along a little Aron Cardigan set she finished the week before. This was knitted for a friend who's daughter just a had a baby. The matching hat and mittens is perfect for this horrible weather.

Margaret also finished the scarf she has been working on. It's a pattern that both Helen and Isobel have used. Margaret decided to use noro wool which gives it this colourful look. She is now working on a jacket which is again perfect for the current climate.

Janette and Val are always stitching something and here is their latest finish. This jacket was stitched by janette for a class. She is showing off her favourite side. The jacket however, is reversible and you can see the colours for the other side on the cuffs and collar. Val also stitched this jacket but in paler colours. Janette is currently working on a jacket using three different shades of green knitted together. Val is now working on a lovely cross stitch design.

The reason for some people's baby knitting is that some of us would like to knit for a charity. We thought that we could spend maybe half an hour each week knitting for this. We did talk about what we could do and we have settled on knitting for preemie babies. The plan is to knit enough and then make a drop of during the summer. The final plans have still to be arranged and a hospital in Glasgow has still to be contacted but some of us have started knitting anyway. Hopefully I will have some photo's of these tiny knits soon.

In other news we will be starting a sister group within the Borders in Glasgow's city centre. It will start on Sunday 1st March from 10am to 12am. They have kindly let us use their large table set out very near their craft books in the basement. They have even begun calling out for members for us as you can see here on their events page.

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