Sunday, 15 February 2009

Big Socks! Little Socks!

The large set of socks was knitted by our very own sock lady, Ginnie. The sock yarn she used is lovely. It's amazing that yarn can knit up like this. The first time Ginnie brought in similar socks none of us could believe that she had not had to used several different colours and a fair isle sock pattern. All you need is some lovely sock yarn and to follow a simple sock pattern. The baby booties were knitted by myself. My first pair of socks although, they are for a preemie baby.

Ginnie also knitted this lovely scarf. She knitted it up using a lace pattern. The yarn was meant for socks. However, it would knit up thicker than she would normally like. As the yarn is such a lovely colour she decided to use it on this scarf instead (I told you I would get evidence of non sock knitting, lol). It's so pretty though, how could I not show it off.
Gillian has also been busy. She started this beautiful, green, aron cardigan a couple of weeks ago now. She would have finished it long before but she ran out of yarn after knitting more than half of it. It was yarn she got quite a while back and wasn't sure if she would be able to get more. Luckily a relative found more in the shop it was originally from. Would have been a shame if this hadn't been finished.

This brightly coloured jumper and hat set was also knitted by Gillian. She knitted this for a little boy. Children love bright colours which makes this perfect. Although, thanks to Ginnie, I do wonder how this yarn would knit up as a pair of socks.
I did promise to show some preemie knitting that we are working on. Here are a few things knitted by Gillian. Two lovely little hats and a set of tiny mitts. All of which were knitted using 4ply yarn. Helen and myself were also knitting preemie items. Helen has knitted a few little cardigans and hats. I've done a hat and the set of booties shown in the first picture. A few people were asking for patterns. I did find a site that displayed free patterns for knitting preemie items. You can find it here. I am also adding the link to the blog side bar.

This photo was taken by Donna. She actually sent it to me a few weeks ago but forgot to post it here until now. This is our youngest member Adam learning to knit. Back in the day this was actually how children were taught to knit. When knitting was very much part of industry children would sit on their mother's laps as they knitted. They couldn't help but learn to knit. Soon Adam will be overtaking all of us.

So, what else was going on? I was still learning to crochet but als spent some time on preemie kniting. Ann was back after a painful shoulder injury. She was knitting knee length socks for her daughter in red, white and blue. Ginnie was onto another scarf this time using a lovely blue sock wool. Val was working on her cross stitch and Janette was knitting her jacket. Margaret had also started a jacket. Isobel was back on the baby knitting (when she wasn't giving Adam cuddles).

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