Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Almost all together

These tiny booties were knitted by Pat. You can see just how tiny they are against Ann's fingers. They are of course, for premature babies. She had also been working on more booties and hats which she continued with last night. Pat joined the group about three weeks ago now.

These beautiful socks were knitted by Ginnie. As always the yarn is so soft and the colours are lovely. These were brought along and photographed at the Sunday knitting group. Ginnie is now knitting another pair using yarn made from crab and prawn shells. That pair and another she had knitted up in lovely yellows and oranges are going off to family in Thailand. Speaking of unusual yarns, Ginnie has managed to find yarn made from sugar cane and another from jade.

I thought I would show off a couple of group photo's I took last night. Our numbers seem to have grown but it is very rare that so many come along on the one night. Could be that the turn in the weather has something to do with it. There were a total of 19 people along last night. We were short two of our regulars through one being ill and another on holiday. Slowly but surely we are taking over Starbucks.

Last night there was still a lot of baby work going on. Isobel (our member of the month) has started a little pink cardigan for a friend who works in Starbucks. She asked if she would mind knitting something for her niece. Val also moved back to knitting a baby cardigan for the premature baby charity. I had been working on a hat but after making the same mistake several times (through too much chatting and not enough paying attention) I gave up and concentrated on the chatting. Magdalana had started another sweater. This one using reds and yellows and is for her older son. Carol had brought along her quilting. She was working on stitching squares which looked lovely. Each one has their own pattern but when placed together they form another pattern.

Ginnie has set up a challenge for everyone in the group. She has challenged everyone to create something along a theme. The theme this time is Scottish Homecoming. There are two categories. One for creating something following a pattern and another for creating something entirely original. There is a prize of £25 of Hobbycraft vouchers for each category. More than one project can be submitted and it doesn't have to be knitting. There is a £2.50 charge for each entry but that's so that we can have future challenges with prizes. The only real stipulation is that each entry is from a member who have been coming along to the group more than 2/3 weeks. The deadline is 28th May. I have to say that I am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and I will of course be bringing along my camera.

Last but not least you will have noticed that Sock lady Ginnie is now contributing to this blog. You must be sick of just hearing from me and Ginnie has great knowledge on knitting books and where to buy the best yarns. She is more than happy to share that with us so look out for her amazing entries.

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The Sock Lady said...

you are way too kind! I hope lots of members will share their knowledge of good books and fine yarn -- otherwise I shall have to send all my salary to Amazon and Modern Knitting, not just most of it!