Friday, 27 March 2009

More Socks!

I'm afraid it's going to be a week of socks. This week the only images I have are of socks. The above pair was knitted by myself. I am proud to say that this is my first pair. I don't remember the type of yarn used other than it's machine washable. I did get it off violet green however, who have a lovely range of self-striping sock yarn. I blame Ginnie for this as I was working on a second pair on Tuesday night and have several more lined up.

The above socks were knitted by Ginnie. She chose this design because they looked like pints of Guinness. She is knitting four pairs of these which are going to her sister and her friends who are planning a trip to Dublin. It's a pity the photo doesn't show the detail of the white cuff which were done using a small cable stitch.

It wasn't all sock knitting on Tuesday. New members Jean and Adele were back. Jean was working on a white baby cardigan. Adele was working on a lovely scarf in pink and grey. We also had two more new members, Linda and Elaine. Both were knitting scarves for a shoe box charity. Shoe boxes are filled with necessities and sent out to those who need them both. Funnily enough Jean and Adele take part in the same charity at the schools they teach at.

Joyce was knitting a lovely baby shawl starting with the border. She says she makes about four of these shawls a year and very rarely needs the pattern for it now. Roberta was working on a baby blanket using crochet. She makes up little squares and then stitches them all together. The pattern calls for two colours but Roberta has chosen to do it all in white. It looks even better in white. Margaret has went back to her jacket she started a few weeks back. Due to a mistake in the pattern she decided to start again and managed to get quite a bit done on Tuesday night.

Gillian was working on her baby shawl too. She managed to make quite a bit of progress in the last week. I look forward to taking a photo and showing it off. As it is done in cobweb yarn with lots of detail it might be a while. Helen was working on a throw. This one is done in large squares and then stitched together. The yarn is self-striping in lovely shades of lilac and blue. Isabel was back to knitting preemie items. She has knitted a little set which just needs buttons before it is photographed. Julia has finished her baby cardigan which now just needs sewing together. On Tuesday night she was working on baby hats for our preemie charity. Donna was working on her scarf and is onto her last ball of yarn.

Our thoughts are with Janette this Saturday as she does her charity zip slide across the Clyde.

Next week Helen will be April's member of the month. Look out for her interview.

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