Monday, 6 April 2009

So Many Finishes!

I have lots of finishes from the group to show. First of all here is Gillian's lace Christening Shawl. This was done using cobweb yarn. I've added a few photo's so that you can see the detail. She started this almost a year ago but has done many other projects in between. You can imagine why you would need a break from working on this. She is thinking of doing another one. This time using yarn she intends to spin herself.
Donna also got her scarf finished. We hoped that the white wall would show up the pattern. I think the flash on my camera might be too strong though. It does look good and was worth all the time Donna put into it. Hopefully her fiance will appreciate it. She is now back to working on the crochet blanket for a friend who is expecting.
I managed to finish two more pairs of socks. I am truly addicted. You might recognise the yarn. It's Happy yarn by Wendy which Ginnie has used in the past. I am now onto another pair. This time a pair of knee highs for my sister.

These lovely little baby hats were knitted by Janette. They were done at the request of a friend in work who is going to be a new grandmother. She requested four in two different sizes. These are the first two. Isabel knitted the little flowers that are attached to the hats. Janette is also finishing off her jacket so hopefully we will have another photo from her soon. In other Janette news, her zip slide was postponed to the end of this month due to high winds.

Lots of finishes for the preemie charity too. Val knitted this beautiful cardigan. She is now working on some quilting. It's Japanese quilting which Carol had taught her a few weeks before.

Isabel also finished this beautiful set. You wouldn't believe how tiny the hat is. Ginnie placed a measuring tape against it to give a rough idea of size. She is working on more preemie sets but is looking to do some boy sets.

We also have our first preemie outfits done in crochet thanks to Carol. She crocheted the above three lovely cardigans for the charity. She is now working on a children's quilt for another charity. Herself and a group make quilts for seriously ill children in hospital.

Joyce was working on yet another children's blanket. She has almost finished the Shawl she was working on the week before and will hopefully bring it in for a photo soon. The blanket she is currently working in is in cream and has a lovely heart motif. Ginnie was working on her Guinness socks although she has done a few pairs in between.

We also had yet another new member. Her name is Karen and she was working on a vest using a lovely self striping yarn. She has not long had a baby, so you never know, Adam may have a friend to play with.

Member of the month will be this week instead. Helen forgot to lift her knitting to be photographed.

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