Friday, 17 April 2009

Helen - April Member of the Month!

1. Tell us about yourself.

I'm over 21 but less than 60. I'm a teacher and have been for many years. I have always been interested in crafts. My mum introduced me to crafts. I saw my mum knit and embroider. She even had knitting B's on Mondays in the house. I've tried all sorts of crafts such as knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, cardmaking and water colour painting.

2. Where did you learn to knit?

I learned at home with mum. I was surrounded by lots of adults knitting. I also knitted at school. At college I had to knit a teddy bear which was dire.

3. What's your biggest success?

Laura's (daughter and group member) chunky cardigan. It turned out well.

4. What was your biggest disaster?

The leaf scarf (see Helen modelling this a few posts back). It knitted up easily but had a problem with embroidering the leaf pattern. I then gave it to Laura which was worse. I had to pick it out and build up the courage to do it myself. My husband asked, "Is it meant to have as many holes?"

5. Your list of favourites;

Favourite yarn - Noro Garden - I'm fascinated by all the colours
Favourite product - Wooden knitting needles. They make such a difference. So much easier to use.
Favourite pattern - The triangular scarf pattern. I like the way it builds up (this pattern has also been used by Margaret and Isobel who admired Helen's completed scarf).
Favourite shop - Stitching time in Hamilton
Favourite website - I shop from a few every now and then but don't really have a favourite. Have shopped from getknitted and
Favourite colours - Colour is so important to me which is why I love Noro and sock wool. I love the mixture. I'm partial to blues and pinks.
Favourite knitting book - Knitting murder mysteries by Maggie Sefton and Debbie Macomber.

6. What's your dream project?

I look at the magazines and I love the lace projects. I especially like the lace jackets and lace shawls.

7. What do you like to watch/listen to whilst knitting?

I like to have the television on or the radio. Sometimes I download items from radio 4 and listen to that.

8. Do you have a knitting hint/ tip?

Use wooden pins. It's a revelation! Everyone should try to knit socks. It's a revelation!

9. Favourite non-knitting book?

Whatever I'm reading at the time. I like to read in bed at night to unwind.

Big thank you to Helen for being April's member of the month. Look out for May when Margaret will be member of the month followed by Laura in June.

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