Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Getting Comfy!

The above images are of Adele's recent finishes. In the first photo you can see Adele modelling her scarf. She started it not long after she joined a few weeks ago. As you can see from the funky bag she has also worked on other projects. The fluffy yarn is popular for scarfs but it really sets of this bag. Adele is now working on a little baby jumper.

Gillian also had a few finishes to show us. As you can see she is modelling a lovely scarf. Again it's using pom pom yarn. This is the third scarf within the group to be knitted up using this yarn. It's a firm favourite at the moment. If you were to get the chance to feel it you would understand why. It looks so unusual and feels so soft. Would definitely keep you cosy in the winter. Gillian also finished a pair of wrist warmers. She used hand painted yarn which gives it a lovely effect. The yarn is also very soft. Last but not least she also knitted a little cardigan and hat for the preemie charity. She spent the night sewing a lovely cardigan using self striping yarn in purples and pinks. All it needs now is buttons. Thanks to tennis elbow Gillian is limited to sewing.

This lovely preemie cardigan was knitted by Isobel. If you remember from last week she also knitted a matching hat. The detail in the pattern of something so tiny is amazing. Isobel was worried this would be too small but we have quite a few items now about this size. It's amazing that this will fit someone so tiny.

Both Ginnie and myself managed to finish the first sock of a set that night. Unfortunately they don't exactly match. The baby sock was knitted by Ginnie. It's part of an order she is knitting up for a friend who is due next week. She promised her friend seven pairs of baby socks (one for each day of the week) and this is part of pair number 6. She hasn't used self striping yarn for a change but two different colours of cotton. Fiddly on something so tiny but it looks lovely. You can see just how small it is thanks to Adele who was our hand model this week. Ginnie only has seven more orders to go and then she plans on challenging herself with some new sock patterns.

Our littlest member sometimes gets forgotten about here. While Adam might not be big enough to start knitting it doesn't mean he isn't interested. He is usually quite happy to sit and watch but occasionally he will want to be carried round everyone to see what they are working on. He took great delight in everyone's bags on Tuesday night but found Adele's knitted bag to be the most comfortable resting spot.

We also had a new member come along. Her name is Cathy and she was working on a scarf. She hasn't knitted in years and has used scarf knitting to get back into it again. Unfortunately she is recovering from a broken wrist and so has to be careful how much she does.

I should apologise. Last week I confused Elaine with Linda. It was actually Elaine who handed in the preemie items. Also the purple scarf she was working on was actually squares. She is knitting squares in purple and pink to make a through for her daughter. Linda meanwhile is working on a white preemie cardigan. Jean has also been working on a baby cardigan, Donna was crocheting granny squares and Joyce was working on a baby top.

Just a reminder that we will be celebrating our 1st birthday next week. I am hoping that it will be good fun and we'll have lots of photo's.

Lastly best wishes to Ann. Her shoulder is playing up and at the moment she isn't allowed to knit.

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