Tuesday, 14 April 2009

So many members!

In Karen's absence (get well soon, we miss you!) here's a quick update on what everyone was up to at last Tuesday's meeting (sorry there are no pictures, you'll just have to keep coming back to look at the finishes!).

  • Gillian was working on a new baby jacket in a lovely bright turquoise having finished a pram blanket during the week.
  • Ann (how lovely to see you back!) has restarted a pair of socks that she ripped out having used the wrong needles.
  • Adele has finished her interesting scarf and was busy making a bag with funky chunky yarns.
  • Carol was making another jacket for preemy babies which will add to the growing collection Karen has to deliver to the hospital (closing date end of June for any one still wishing to contribute).
  • Isobel was making a fair isle hat in blue and white also for the preemy collection.
  • Val was busy with Janpenese folded patchwork, having caught the bug from Carol.
  • Janette is still sewing up her fabulous sea green jacket, but has finished some baby hats and has also started a pram blanket in rainbow colours.
  • Elaine was on her second scarf for the shoe box appeal.
  • Laura is still stitching her elegant lady with scotties -- and it's now beginning to look like this!
  • Louise was making a preemy cardigan in coral.
  • Annie is making a cardigan for herself which is growing fast.
  • Magdalene (with a happy Adam who is also growing fast) continues to work on her hoopy jumper.
  • Linda is working on a scarf.
  • Donna is busy with her double sided blue and white baby blanket.
  • Joyce, probably our fastest knitter brought in the beautiful Tree of Life shawl and the 'hearts' baby blanket that she finished during the week, and is now working on a lovel pink sweater.
  • Roberta is making a sweater in bright turquoise.
  • Julia is making a baby blanket in a lovely shade of lemon.
  • Margaret is making great progress with her dusky pink jacket (having already finished her Homecoming Challenge -- can't wait to see what it is!).
  • Monika is crocheting a bag for life and
  • Helen is working on her Afghan made with Crofters Chunky.

Needless to say I was making socks! Apologies to any one I left out, and for any mistakes that might have crept in (it's strange how illegible my writing becomes after a triple shot latte....). For those of you missing the 'Review of the Week' I'm currently waiting for some yarn to arrive that will feature in a posting on 'Interesting things to knit with'. Keep watching! That's all for now. Ginnie.

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