Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Our 1st Birthday!

Yes, a rare photo of me. It was our groups 1st birthday and I was given these lovely flowers from everyone in the group. Big thank you to everyone. I really did appreciate it and they are sitting all pretty in a vase.
Upon arrival everyone was presented with a party hat and a party bag. The talented Magdalena baked our birthday cake. How lovely does this look? Very apt for our group. Plus it was baked with Janette in mind who is gluten intolerant. The cake didn't last long as everyone ate a piece and took some home too.

As it was a children's party we of course played games. The first game was pass the parcel. Here is Janette opening it first. Donna opening it 2nd.

Julia was the third person to open the parcel.

Roberta was the fourth and last person to open the parcel. She won a shawl/scarf kit.

The group then split into two to play two games. Once finished they swapped the games over. Here is Linda and Elaine playing the memory game.

Isobel, Ann (pretending she is deep in thought) and Isobel.

Roberta, Donna and Louise working on their lists.

The third game involved guessing the buttons in the jar. Helen, Margaret, Val, Janette and Laura all working on their guesses.

The groups then swapped games. Margaret, Val and Janette playing the memory game.

Laura concentrating hard on her list.

Adele, Roberta, Donna (waving hello) and Louise playing the button game.

Isobel, Jean and Julia guessing the buttons in the jar.

Laura won the button game. She got to keep the button jar and won a knitting kit.

Magdalena was the proud winner of the memory game and she also won a knitting kit.

It would seem that Ginnie and Gillian have somehow managed to keep out of range of my camera but they were there playing along too. I took some black and white photo's of everyone using a 35mm spool. As soon as it's finished and processed I will scan in their photo's.

Not much knitting went on and I couldn't even tell you who was working on what. However, Janette did manage to bring in a quilt she had finished as gift. Look how pretty it is. We all stood astounded as she told is it only took her about 12 hours to stitch up.

Next week we are back to normal for the most part. It's member of the month time again so Margaret will be interviewed next week. I will hopefully be more informative when it comes to everyone's projects.

For the homecoming challenge we now have exactly one month to finish our projects.

Last but not least, one of the members of the Sunday group asked if I would start up a blog for them. Initially my answer was no due to the work that goes into it. I have since reconsidered so watch this space for a link to the Sunday Stitch n Bitch.

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