Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Small Announcement

I apologise for my absence last week. As Ginnie said I haven't been well. A huge thank you to Ginnie for posting what everyone was up to. Probably just as well since I still wasn't up to speed on everyone's projects of Tuesday there. I can tell you that the above two items were knitted by Pat. As I think I have mentioned before, Pat is in the process of trying to use up all the spare yarn she has. These two projects are a result of that. The first lovely pink suit is for an Annabel doll. The second is a child's cardigan. The edging around the cardigan was done to use up yarn but it really sets it off. Especially with the matching buttons.

We also have yet more knitting for the preemie charity. Joyce knitted this and it managed to make it's way to me last week. The yarn is lovely and soft plus those buttons are gorgeous. I was gutted to hear that Joyce had brought along her shawl and the blanket she had been working on all completed when I was sick. Was dying to show them off. Joyce seems to have different project every week she knits so fast. It's difficult to get photo's of her finished projects to show how lovely they are.

Isobel finished this gorgeous hat. If you remember she mentioned she loved complex patterns during her member of the month interview. This hat gives a hint of that. There is also a matching cardigan which just needs some buttons. So watch this space for a photo. She is currently working on a scarf to replace one she lost. The lovely Noro scarf she knitted went missing a while back.

These gorgeous preemie hat and bootie sets were knitted by Linda. The photo really doesn't do them justice and they are so tiny! Linda also knits for a shoebox charity that I have mentioned before. She is currently knitting a scarf with a lovely, funky, purple yarn. She has recommended buying from a website called The Black Sheep. They are going to be holding a 9 day warehouse sale from 1st May until 9th May. I've actually bought yarn from this website myself and found delivery to be quick and prices to be reasonable.

Ok, now for my announcement. Most people will know this but for those who didn't make it on Tuesday I have given out invitations. I am inviting all members to come along and celebrate the groups 1st birthday on 28th April. It's during our usual time of 7.00pm and in our usual space. Expect games and prizes.

Just a reminder that you have about 6 weeks to complete your challenge. One member has already finished theirs.

Last but not least, the member of the month interview will be posted in the next few days. Poor Helen has been questioned and photographed so watch this space.

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