Monday, 2 March 2009

Preemies and Sundays

Louise finished a couple of hats for our Preemie charity. She decided not to use standard baby colours as they aren't to everyones tastes. Her thought was that the parents of a preemie baby might want to see bright, bold colours. It certainly works. These hats are amazing and very cute. I love the little ears on the green one. Plus they would be suitable for boys or girls. Louise is now knitting a little jacket to go with the hats.

This lovely little pink set was knitted by Margaret. It took her about a week to knit the entire set. She is still knitting a pink cardigan but has also went on to start another preemie set.

Both of these sets were knitted by our very own sock lady, Ginnie. The first uses a ribbed effect and the second is done in garter stitch. Enjoy these photo's as Ginnie has officially went back to socks. Her order for them has steadily grown and she has some catching up to do. I think it is with some relief that she goes back to them.

Joyce had also finished the jumper she was knitted using the fair isle yarn. It's waiting to be stitched together. As soon as it's fully completed she has promised to bring it in so that I can show it off here. Gillian was back onto the lacey shawl she began not long after joining the group. This is being knitted up in 2ply. Laura was also back to cross stitch after week of tunisian crochet. She is working on a pattern of a lady walking her dog. The colours in it are lovely and bright. Magdalana has sat aside her little girls sweater for now and has started on a blanket in crochet. She is doing lots of stripes in red, yellow and blue.

Sunday was the first day of sister group, Stitch 'n' Bitch, at the Glasgow branch of Borders. Janette, Ginnie and Donna came along to help get us started. Donna was along for an hour as she had to go shopping for her wedding dress. She spent that time working on a crochet baby blanket. This is for a friend who is due this week.

Ginnie was working on socks. She was using a yarn she got from getknitted. A site she highly recommends. The yarn was made from a blend of soja and crab shells (I might have got that wrong, Ginnie?). She also brought along the above socks which she had finished. This uses Sirdar Happy yarn which is mainly made from bamboo. I have this yarn too and it is great to see how well it knits up. The socks feel silky soft. Ginnie recommends using 2.75mm needles rather than 3.00mm the pattern recommends.

Janette has decided to work on a different project on a Sunday. A friend she works for is due her first grandchild and has asked for some baby skull hats. She has picked up the prettiest patterns for this and has begun the first one in pink (she has been asked for two in pink and two in white).

We also had two new members. Heather was knitting a gorgeous, lacey wrap. She is knitting this so that she has something to take on holiday with her that will go with just about any outfit or colour. Like most knitters she is generally knitting for other people and so this makes a nice change. Ailene also came along although she hadn't brought her knitting with her. She is just learning to knit and has started a jumper that she intends to bring along next week. Again, like a lot of others in the group, she does other things to. She had brought along with her a lovely beaded necklace she was working on as a gift. The colours were greens and blues and included shells.

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The Sock Lady said...

Lovely to see so many finished items. Whilst I am at heart a sock lady, it was nice to finish a set of something in a non-sock colour. The socks I was working on at the Sunday session (looks like a nice venue, thanks for organising this Karen) use a yarn called Tofutsies and is made of wool, cotton, soysilk and prawn and crab shell chitin. "Get Knitted" have it on special at the moment at four 100 gram balls for £20 (lucky dip)-- a saving of £3 per ball. It knits up beautifully and is silky smooth and naturally anti bacterial! It also has good yardage so would make quite a long pair of socks. The 'Happy' as Karen says is Wendy, and comes in some lovely shades (this blue/purple is my favourite) but I think it knits up nicer in a smaller needles size than the pattern recommends. Hobbycraft have a small stock of a few colours (including this one).

They are threatening snow tonight, so may not make it through to Glasgow Fort, but will have more socks with me if I make it.