Monday, 8 February 2010

Finishes on the day

Here is Janette showing off the Cowl she finished. She knitted it using a lovely yarn given to her by an American visitor. The American visitor came along to the Sunday group whilst she was visiting Glasgow and brought along some goodies.

Janette also managed to finish a quilt during the group. This quilt is made up of simple squares and is for a children's charity.

This beautiful baby cardigan was knitted by Ada and shown off by Elaine. Ada is now working on a Topsy Turvy doll in an attempt to use up some stash.

Ginnie also finished what she had brought to work on that night. A lovely pair of socks. She started them as something to do whilst at the hairdressers.

The third finish of the night was this beret knitted by Magdalena and shown off by Monika. The beret is for Magdalena's daughter. Like Ginnie and Janette she brought it along to work on during the evening and managed to finish it before going home.

Monika brought along this little heart to work on and also finished it before heading home. She is thinking of making more for Valentines. This one though she is thinking of adding some lavender oil to and hanging in a room.

We had yet another new member this week. Barbara is a friend of Monika and Magdalena. She was working on some cross stitch.
If anyone would still like to choose a possible charity for us to work on please tick your favourite on the sheet I gave out and get it back to me as soon as you can. If you don't have a sheet let me know. At the moment we are at a tie between three different choices.

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