Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Socks Revolution!

Most of our finishes this week were socks. Ginnie was very pleased that her sock revolution is going well. The above socks were knitted by our very own sock lady, Ginnie. She used an alpaca yarn which was so lovely and soft. The colours are also amazing. That night she was working on a red pair of socks for a friend. The yarn was Regia Christmas and had gold sparkles through it. Everyone was oohing over it.

I tried my hand at a different pattern and yes these socks will actually fit the adult they are intended for. I do recommend though that if you come across a pattern like this that you do the size bigger than you normally would. I spent the evening working on a purple throw.

The socks above were knitted by Margaret which she finished on the night. This was her very first pair of socks (and the reason Ginnie was so pleased about her growing empire, lol). She is already planning her second pair although has started working on a blue aran cardigan.

The above beautiful baby set was knitted by Ada. She has been trying to use up a lot of yarn and so has been working on these sets. The photo really doesn't do the pattern justice. Ada was working on another set in a similar pattern during the evening.

The above hat and mits set were knitted and embellished by Elaine. She makes the hats and mits and sells them (Our Joyce bought one herself). The bonnets have been a big hit with the group especially with all the bows and beads Elaine adds.

As mentioned the sock revolution is growing. We can confirm that there will be a sock knitting class at our weekend away. Three people have already said they would like to do this.

Our official 2010 charity is Knit a Square. We will be knitting 8x8 inch squares and sending them away to be made into blankets. These blankets go to orphan children in South Africa most of whom have to deal with Aids/HIV. The squares can be knitted or crocheted and is a great way of using up scrap yarn. The suggested pattern calls for double knit yarn on 6mm needles with 32 stitches. It is then knitted in garter stitch. However, if you would like to do a pattern you can so long as it fits the dimensions. Also, if you would rather use 4mm needles (recommended size for double knit) then cast on 42 stitches.

This week will be member of the month. February's interview victim is the lovely Julia. There also might be an announcement about this years Spring challenge.

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