Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lots of Finishes This Week.

Donna has been our busiest member this week. She finished The Snowman which most of us threatened to pinch when she wasn't looking. This one is for herself but she is thinking of making one for a friends little girl who is a huge fan. She also finished the above scarf and bag. The scarf feels silky and I think you can see the sparkles in the bag from the photo. She is now working on a pair of lacy fingerless gloves. The pattern calls for sock wool to be used but Donna is keeping her sock wool to make socks and so used a similar weight yarn.

Elaine finished a hat for Linda's shoe box charity. Th yarn is a lovely dark blue with sparkles through it. On the night she was working on a matching scarf in a lacy pattern. Like the red sparkly yarn from last week everyone admired this one.

Moira finished the doll she had been working on. As you can see she is extremely cute and was well admired. Moira is now practising her crochet and is working on a lilac matt.

Dawn Marie finished the hat and scarf set she had been working on for a friend. The yarn she used is Sidar crofter which knits up like fair isle. A firm favourite in the group right now. The scarf was knitted in stocking stitch and the had was done in crochet. Dawn Marie is now working on a crochet baby blanket using striping yarn.

Another finish from Margaret this week. She knitted this baby cardigan with little cat buttons for a friend in work who is pregnant. Margaret is now working on a hat and mitts set to match the cardigan.
I have also been working on baby items. I knitted the above baby hats and bootees for a baby shower we will be holding at the end of the summer. I spent the rest of the evening knitting a square for this years charity. The throw will be back next week.

Helen has also been busy. A friend asked her if she would mind knitting some premature baby items to be sent to Haiti. As she has been given a very small time frame in which to get it done she decided on hats on managed to finish quite a few. She spent the evening finishing the hat in the second photo (photographed next to a book to give an idea of size) and making a start on another.

It's been a while since I listed what everyone else was working on. This time I took notes so that I didn't leave anyone out. Joyce was working on a lovely baby cardigan using fair isle yarn. It's very sweet with short sleeves and a little flower. Roberta was working on a cardigan using striping yarn. For a nice change this one is for herself. Linda was working on a pair of bed socks (Ginnie would have been proud). Magdalena was working on a lovely shawl. She hopes to get it finished in time for Gartmore so that she can wear it whilst exploring the grounds. Alison was working on her cross stitch of a house which seems to be growing quickly. Julia was there too but the top she is knitting for herself didn't make an appearance. I took up most of her time with her member of the month interview (look out for this in a few days) and of course we had aunty visiting.

We also have a recommendation from Donna. If you have an ipod touch or an iphone you can download an app called knit buddy. It keeps track of your stash, needles and projects you are working on or are going to work on next. Handy when you are going shopping for needed supplies.

Lastly we have our first three squares for our charity knitted by myself and Margaret. These were done with 42 stitches on 4mm needles rather than the 32 on 6mm.

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