Monday, 1 February 2010

Tight Squeeze

I thought that since we have been in our new home for a few weeks now that it was time for a group photo. As you can see it's a bit of a tight squeeze and that's without all of our members there. We can make space though and it doesn't stop us from wondering about and seeing what everyone else is up to. According to the lovely people at Starbucks the noise has increased considerably, lol.
Our talented Val has been at it again and finished another beautiful quilt. The photo hides some of the detail unfortunately but it was much admired by everyone in the group. Val is working on a quilt using Japanese quilting. She does this during the get togethers as it's portable and keeps larger projects like the one photographed above to work on at home.

Donna has a lot of friends who are expecting just now. The crochet blanket from last week is going to one of them. She also finished a cute hat this week which will be needed in this weather. Donna is now working on a snowman toy.

Elaine finished the scarf for her daughter. You can see Elaine posing with it. She added some sequence as her daughter likes sparkles. She also got an old beaded necklace and stitched the beads to the bottom of the scarf.

Dawn Marie sent me some photo's of items she finished over Christmas. The first one is of a throw she made for a friend. The friend got a hold of it before Dawn Marie could bring it in to let us see it. She also did a lovely crochet bag and a crochet bunny. She is now working on a scarf and hat set for another friend using fair isle yarn (a favourite amongst the group just now).
We also had Margaret working on her white sampler blanket. Magdelana was working on a delicate, crochet doily. Moira was working on a knitted doll. Ada was also working on a doll. Her doll is a topsy turvy one and she is using up some old stash. Joyce was working on a baby cardigan in a lovely shade of red. Roberta was also working on a baby cardigan in pinks and purple (she isn't happy with the colours but we think it will look lovely when done). Josephine, our newest member, was working on her crochet blanket which had grown considerable since last time.

I also handed out some info sheets to everyone. I am pleased to announce that our 2nd birthday weekend away has now been booked for the 15th and 16th May. Our sock lady, Ginnie, suggested we go have a look at Gartmore House which is lovely and we ended up booking the second weekend. I just need everyone's info sheets back as soon as possible so that we can get definite numbers and give the lovely people at Garmore the information they need. Should be fun and the grounds are beautiful if anyone wants to bring their camera.

The second info sheet I gave out was in regards to contributing to another charity this year. We collected lots for premature babies at the local maternity unit who emailed us with a thank you. I thought this year we could get everyone to pick from a list and then contribute to the favourite. No one should feel obliged to take part if they have huge to do lists but some members did ask what we were doing this year. If I could have those sheets back as soon as possible to so that we can make a final choice.

One last announcement. Our sister group who was once based in Borders, Buchanan St have found another home. They will now be meeting at the usual tim of 10.00am to 1.00pm on Sundays in Cafe Wander. You can find Cafe Wander on West George St right next door to Frankensteins.

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