Monday, 13 September 2010

Our New Home

We only had one finish this week but it was such a lovely one. Helen finished the sunflower scarf she was knitting for a friends birthday. If you are looking for an unusual scarf pattern you can always count on Helen to have one. She has surpassed herself with this one though. So unusual and pretty.

The biggest news is that we have made our move to the conference rooms in the management suite of the Fort. Look how much space we have now and the lighting is a huge improvement. I am pleased to say that everyone loved the room and are looking forward to bringing along larger projects. Our Carol was even back and she is looking forward to trying some stitching out.

Plenty of space for Amilee to crawl about.

And I even remembered to take note of what everyone was working on. Margaret was knitting a pink baby cardigan for a friend in work. Donna was knitting some Christmas socks. Magdalena was working on her shawl. Helen was working on a hat to go with a scarf. Laura was working on a spitfire tapestry. June was working on a lovely large crochet blanket. Linda was working on a crochet scarf. Elaine was knitting a baby cardigan. Stephanie was also knitting a baby cardigan. Val was working on a lovely sprCheck Spellinging jacket. Carol was knitting a scarf using some lovely recycled sari yarn. Suzanna was knitting a pink scarf for her teddy bear. Roberta was knitting a lemon cardigan. Alison was working on her bird cross stitch. Joyce was knitting a lovely cardigan. Aileen was finishing her door stop (just needs to be put together). Lastly I was working on a red blanket.

A lady from Wishaw hospital might be visiting us soon as she has asked if we would mind knitting some premature baby items for them and some of our members kindly volunteered.

On 21st September I am showing Dawn how to knit toe-up baby socks. So if you want to see and missed Ginnie's lesson from the knitting weekend let me know.

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