Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Better Late Than Never!

Apologies for this blog post taking so long. Life has had the audacity to get in the way. Anyways, couldn't wait to post these photo's any longer. The cross stitch above was done by Sheena as a wedding gift for her sister, Aileen. She took little motifs that remind her of Aileen and her day and put them together. The hair and the Wedding dress she changed to match Aileen exactly. So pretty!

Another cross stitch done this time by Margaret. These Christmas kitties were much admired by other cross stitchers in the group. This is a gift for her youngest daughter.

That night Magdalena finished this beautiful jumper. Knitted in cotton it will suit Adam perfectly.

Last but not least these dolls and scarves were knitted by Roberta for Linda's shoe box charity.

Last week was our last night in Starbucks. We very much appreciated the kindness of the Starbucks team in letting us use their space for the last 9 months. Sadly it wasn't enough space and we have had to relocate. We are now using the conference room in the management suite of the Fort. Just head over to the management suite and press the buzzer if you want to come along. Thankfully we can still bring in a coffee.

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