Monday, 20 September 2010

Winter is a coming!

These lovely baby cardigans were knitted by Stephanie. She hasn't knitted them for anyone in particular. She just liked the patterns. I think they are now going to a friends daughter. She was also reluctant to show them off. Once again (with the help of Linda) I had to sneak over with my camera.

Dawn also had a finish. She knitted this lovely hat. It's a gift for a friend. Dawn only learned to knit on the round using double pointed needles a few weeks ago.

Seems that most are working on Christmas gifts or winter woollies. Donna was working on Christmas socks. Magdalena was working on her shawl. Linda was putting the finishing touches to a scarf. Stephanie was working on more baby items. Joyce was working on a lovely cardigan. June was making a start on a lovely crochet baby blanket. Alison was working on her cross stitch. Suzanna was knitting her teddy bear scarf (in between helping Alison sort out what colours she needed). I was plodding my way along with a blanket. Elaine was doing some bead work.

We also got a wee show from Suzanna. Thanks to the extra space she was able to show us some of the Irish dancing she has been learning. She also brought along her trophy that she won at a competition that weekend.

Tuesday I will (doing my best) to teach baby socks. Hopefully I will do our Ginnie justice who is on a quilting cruise in Alaska right now.

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