Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Night for the Stitchers

There were no knitting finishes on Tuesday night. But there were some amazing stitching finishes. First of all Magdalena had sewn a beautiful dress for her daughter Suzanna. She had gotten and old skirt and turned it into this dress. Then she accented it with pick ribbon and a flower. Magdalena, the perfectionist, was not altogether happy with it but the rest of us thought it was beautiful. Magdalena spent the evening working on a lovely top also for Suzanna.

Val also brought along her stitching finishes. She brought a long a beautiful table runner she had quilted. The colours are lovely! I also love the oriental touch to it with the darker squares of fabric.

Val is also the maker of this beautiful quilt. The colours were picked out by her son who will be receiving the quilt. It has been named "Fire and Ice" due to the contrast in colours. It's a pity you can't see the stitching close up as it fits in with the title too. Val spent the evening doing more stitching. She worked on her flower cross stitch.

We also had our sock lady Ginnie back. She was telling us stories of her travels to Alaska which was a quilting tour. We are trying to get her to give us a slide show of her photo's now that we have the perfect space for it. She saw so many amazing sights including lots of different animals. And she picked up some knitting which was not socks. She is currently working on a beautiful lace scarf from the book Arctic lace. The yarn she is using is gorgeous and is one of the most expensive she has ever bought. I will get more details next week as I forgot to write it down.

The second part of the sock lesson also went on. This time Ginnie was there to lend a hand as I was also interviewing Elaine for September member of the month (watch out for that in the next few days). Donna and Dawn have now successfully knitted the heel of the socks. Next week the knit the cuff and then cast off.

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