Monday, 11 October 2010

Old and New!

You will know from the last post that I did Elaine's member of the month interview two weeks ago. Most of you will also know that I ask those being interviewed to bring along some old finishes. In some cases this has involved people bringing in other types of crafts (like Alison with her beautiful tapestry) or finishes that most of us hadn't seen yet. Elaine brought along her Rosie and Jim dolls. This photo was added at the end of her interview but I felt that since everyone loved them so much it would be a shame if it went by unnoticed. These lovely dolls were knitted about 10 years ago and look amazingly like the real thing.

Donna also had a couple of finishes. First off she finished her baby sock from the sock knitting lesson I gave over the last two weeks. Look how neat it is? Have to say it is a lot better than my first toe-up attempt.

Donna also brought this lovely shawl she made using crochet. It was originally done for a wedding. However, in the end she didn't use it as the outfit she bought didn't match. Determined not to let the life of the beautiful shawl be in vain she now uses it as a scarf.

Margaret has also been busy preparing for Christmas. She has knitted two Snowman families for her two daughters and a Christmas pud tree ornament. That night she was working on a third snowman family for herself.

On the 26th we will be having another swap night. It's a fantastic way of getting rid of unwanted crafts and picking up something new. I know a few members even picked up something in a craft they hadn't tried before.

Carol has also kindly offered to give a demonstration on Japanese Quilting as so many of us are interested. I look forward to that myself. Unfortunately she is unable to come along tonight but is happy to arrange a new date.

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