Monday, 8 November 2010


I am so sorry. I really have no excuse for not updating. As it is I will split the last few weeks into two posts. Mainly because the photographs from last week are still on my camera which is at the bottom of my bag.

First of all we had the return of our Ginnie. Not only did she come back to us she was knitting something other than socks (actually she was knitting socks too). The first photo above is a lovely lace scarf she is knitting from the book Arctic Lace. Obviously inspired by her recent quilting cruise in Alaska. The yarn she is using is called qiviut which comes from the down of the musk ox. It is so lovely and soft and Ginnie is enjoying knitting with it. Very expensive too though. The second photo you can see her pinning down a quilt she is working on. She decided to make use of the extra space we have. Hopefully I will get a photo of it all finished.

The above three projects were completed by Roberta. She knitted a lovely cardigan for her granddaughter. In order to use up some white yarn she used it to knit the border and bands. Gives it a more striking look. She also crocheted these lovely blankets (just in time for the lovely weather we are having). She has also been working on another project as a favour to our Josephine. I have a photo of that too but will show it in the next post.

We also have Suzanna here with her very own cross stitch project. After weeks of helping Alison find her way in her own cross stitch Alison brought in a Winnie the Pooh design for Suzanna to try herself. You can see Alison here showing her how to read the chart.

Donna has been working on a lovely beaded scarf using kidsilk haze. In the meant time she has managed to finish this lovely flower broach.

Stephanie has also had a few finishes (most of which you will see on the next post). The lovely cardigan above was knitted by Stephanie although I don't think it has a new owner yet.

This beautiful card is an example of Dawn's other talents. She made this card as for me from herself and Donna. It's a thank you for the sock knitting lesson I gave. I can't believe the amount of detail that has went into the card and it's definitely getting pride of place. Dawn is currently working on a lovely cable scarf for a friend.

We also had some new crafts being tried out. Fiona and Lesley both picked up Christmas latch hook kits from Hobbycraft. You can see them trying it out for the first time.

Again I am sorry for the lack of updates. I do have more photo's to post for you which I will hopefully do soon.

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